Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd September 2020 Review Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd September 2020 Review Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd September 2020 Review Update Ishani adds itching powder in the haldi to trouble him. Vansh stops her from doing so. He doesn’t want her to stoop low when she knows that Angre is doing a favor by accepting her child. Vansh remembers Riddhima’s words and tries to deal with the situation calmly. Ishani gets stressed thinking he will shout on him. Vansh handles her with love. He shows Sunny’s real side to her.

He tells her that Sunny is a fraud, he was just cheating her, he was dating someone else for money too. He asks Ishani to trust her brother’s decision, Angre is a nice man, he is much loyal and will always keep her responsibility. He can’t compromise with her happiness. He wants her to have faith on him. Ishani understands him. Vansh is glad that Riddhima’s words worked. He thinks he didn’t had to yell on his sister and convinced her easily.

He thinks of Riddhima and looks for her. He comes across Devraj and asks him to arrange the function decorations at the pool side. Kabir says I just came to check here. Vansh asks him to go there and check. Kabir tells him that Vansh shouldn’t worry. He tells that he doesn’t make mistakes, just relax, it will be unimaginable. Vansh misses to see the suitcase, which the servant leaves near the pool side. Vansh thinks if Riddhima got upset with him. Kabir also looks for her. Ishani and Angre meet for the haldi ceremony.

Ishani thinks Vansh is right that her choice was wrong, but she doesn’t want to marry a servant. She tries to insult Angre. He tells her that he will do his duty, it doesn’t matter if he demeans him. He handles her temper well. Everyone is happy for Ishani. Ishani and Angre get the haldi applied. Siya wants them to dance for a while. Dadi asks Angre to join the family. The family dances and celebrates.

Moreover, Riddhima gets suffocated in the bag. She gets conscious and tries to get help. Vansh looks for her everywhere. He doesn’t find her in the house. Kabir tells Anupriya that he didn’t find Riddhima. He wants to kidnap her. He thinks if Vansh disappeared Riddhima by some plan. Riddhima tries to reach the family. Vansh informs Dadi that Riddhima is nowhere. Dadi wonders where did she go. She asks Vansh not to worry, Riddhima will be safe. She makes prayers for Riddhima. Ishani doesn’t care for Riddhima.

She wants Riddhima to never come back. Aryan asks Ishani to look at Vansh’s state, he is panicking that his wife is missing. Vansh wants to find Riddhima soon. He comes across the bag and angrily throws it in the pool. Riddhima tears the bag to make herself audible. The water begins to enter the bag. She begins to sink. Vansh gets a hint that she maybe inside the bag. He rushes to check the suitcase. He shouts to find her. Kabir wonders if she is really inside the suitcase. He likes the drama and wants to see the outcome.

Furthermore, Vansh jumps into the pool to get the suitcase. Kabir and entire family become the onlookers to find out Riddhima. Vansh unlocks the suitcase. He gets Riddhima out of the pool. The family is shocked to see Vansh’s intuition turning true. Vansh worriedly tries to get Riddhima to senses. He pumps out the water from her body. Kabir thinks his plan failed, but the real situation is far better than the kidnapping. He can see Vansh’s love in his eyes. He knows Vansh’s love can kill him.

He is sure that Vansh will soon confess love to Riddhima and not run away from her. Vansh checks Riddhima’s breath. He panics on not finding her pulse. manages to get back her pulse. He hugs her when she gets revived. He feels like getting a life back. Riddhima is stunned by Vansh’s emotional burst. Vansh expresses his feelings. Kabir enjoys the sight. Vansh gives his mom’s anklet to Riddhima with all his love. The family celebrates Ishani and Angre’s Sangeet. Ishani tries to insult Angre again. Kabir learns that the real wedding planner DSR is coming. Kabir falls into a big trouble when Anupriya informs him the news. He doesn’t want to get caught.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd September 2020 Review Update: 5/5
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