Barrister Babu 24th September Update Anirudh ends ties

Barrister Babu 24th September Update Anirudh ends ties

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Barrister Babu 24th September Update Anirudh ends ties with Bondita in the upcoming episode. Bondita confesses to Anirudh that she has been to Brij’s place to help Sampoorna. She cries out her pain. She tells Anirudh that she just wanted to save Sampoorna’s marriage. Anirudh doesn’t think that she is saying the truth. He gets too angry after recalling the humiliation he has received from the villagers. He didn’t know that little Bondita would do such a thing. He thinks she was cheating the people for her greedy motives. He believes that she is really Brijvasi’s partner in crime.

He ends his faith on Bondita. When she tries to justify her actions, he shouts to put a stop to her statements. He calls their marriage a big mistake. He regrets to meet her. He ends all their ties. He is equally hurt. He tells that she has always lied to him when he asked her again and again. He tells that he has blindly believed her and she has taken an advantage of it. She tells him that he can do anything for his best friend Saudamini, same way she was helping Sampoorna.

He accuses Bondita for supporting Brijvasi and turning Saudamini blind. He commands Bondita to just get out of his sight. He tells her that their relation is over, they will not have any terms from now. He calls off his marriage. He gets too heartbroken. His dreams to support her and educate her get shattered. He tells her that he had never imagined that their relation will be terminated in this matter. They share the equal intensity of pain together. They both cry and feel the sorrow. How will Bondita change his heart-breaking decision? How will she prove herself innocent? Keep reading.

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