Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th September Real DSR arrives

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th September Real DSR arrives

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th September Real DSR arrives Vansh hugs Riddhima out of concern. He loves her and realizes his feelings. Riddhima is surprised. Siya tells Vansh that he is the best husband for Riddhima, since he loves her a lot. Vansh takes care of Riddhima. Riddhima recalls their moments, while Kabir is much happy that his purpose is fulfilled. Angre questions Ishani. He has to manage Vansh and Riddhima’s security.

He asks Ishani to answer his question, since the suitcase belongs to her. Ishani reminds his limits. She asks him to never cross his limits. Kabir tells Anupriya that Vansh is falling for Riddhima. She tells that Riddhima also seems to be falling for Vansh. Kabir finds it impossible. He is sure that Riddhima will always be loyal to him. Vansh asks Riddhima about her fall in the suitcase. She tells him that she collided with the wall and fainted down.

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She thinks she fell into the suitcase by mistake. He thinks she is always ahead when its about problems. He tells that she always attracts the problems to herself. He jokes that its a good talent. She tells that she isn’t an idiot to risk her life. She asks him why is he hurt when she is in problem. Vansh can’t express his feelings. He feels her pain. He can’t see her in troubles. He doesn’t want to tell her anything.

He thinks she is special to attract his attention. Dadi overhears his feelings. She tells him that it won’t be useful if he tells his feelings behind Riddhima’s back. She asks him to not wait for the right time. She advises him to express his feelings to Riddhima. She doesn’t want him to worry for her answer. She tells that love can’t be controlled by anyone. She knows Vansh cares for Riddhima, which is actually his love.

Vansh thinks if he has really fallen for Riddhima. He doesn’t know how to confess love. He goes to meet Angre. Angre tells Vansh that Ishani is bitter-tongued, but she can’t take such a big step against Riddhima. Vansh is also aware that someone is doing this against his family. He knows his family can never backstab him. He asks Angre to check about DSR. He tells that if Devraj has mailed him, then who is the DSR living in their house.

Angre wants to find out everything. Ishani is upset that Angre is doubting her. She shares her problems with Aryan. She wants to stop the marriage some how. She seeks Aryan’s help and offers him money. Aryan tells her that he will surely help her, without any money. She tells him that she knows him well. She asks him to just accept the money, which will make his mind run sharply. Aryan accepts the blank cheque. He asks her to stop worrying about Angre.

He is sure to stop her marriage. He wants his revenge on Vansh as well. Vansh prepares for the love confession. He decides to confess love to Riddhima and make her feel special. Riddhima questions him. He is left struck by her mesmerizing beauty. He gifts her his mother’s anklet. He tells her that just she has a right to wear the anklet, which is much special to him. He makes Riddhima adorn the anklet on her feet. They get into an unexpected moment.

Riddhima fails to understand the good change in him. Vansh tells her that even he didn’t imagine himself falling in her feet. He feels happy to realize his feelings. He smiles for no reason and thinks that’s called love. Aryan asks Ishani to avoid the function by hiding in the flower basket. He tells that she can leave the mansion when the baskets get transported out. He asks her to live her life by her own choice. Ishani gets excited for her freedom.

Anupriya takes Ishani for the Sangeet function. Ishani is asked to dance with Angre. She wants to show him the right place. She performs with Angre to belittle him in front of everyone. Ishani’s crazy performance becomes the highlight of the episode, alongside Vansh’s love confession rehearsal and his smiling face. Ishani pushes down Angre and apologizes to him. Angre keeps his cool. Aryan tells that love will soon happen between Angre and Ishani.

Angre’s phone is left with Riddhima. She gets to read DSR’s message. She realizes that the real DSR is going to come home. She wonders who is the fake DSR in their house. She gets confused. She gets a new mission to decode the DSR identity. Kabir gets aware of DSR’s arrival. He panics with the fear of getting caught. You may catch up the latest episode below.

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