Pavitra Bhagya 24th September Reyansh’s declaration

Pavitra Bhagya 24th September Reyansh's declaration

Pavitra Bhagya 24th September Reyansh’s declaration Praniti takes care of Jugnu and makes her ready for the school. Reyansh prepares the school bag and lunch bag. He feels the bonding of a family seeing them. He asks Jugnu to have some cash and have food in the canteen. Praniti stares at him. He asks Jugnu to have homemade food and not any food from the canteen. He gets scared of Praniti. They have a fun family time. Baljeet is angry seeing them united and together. She has cast her evil sight on Praniti.

She thinks Praniti wants to snatch Reyansh from her. Baljeet is worried because of Praniti. She thinks her business will sink. She wants her grandsons to work hard for the business. She feels burdened with the responsibility. She tells that Praniti has become a problem for her. Mallika meets Baljeet and tries hard to impress her. She tells that she spoke to her dad, the media will stop flashing Vardhan’s news. Baljeet is grateful to her.

Mallika tells that she is doing a Bahu’s duty. Baljeet promises to make her Bahu of the family. Reyansh finds Mallika with Baljeet. Baljeet tells that she didn’t speak to Reyansh yet. Mallika tells her that she has no patience, she was quick results. Baljeet tells that even she doesn’t have patience, she wants Vardhan home. She dislikes Mallika as well. She is helpless to deal with her.


Meanwhile, Praniti collides with Mallika and gets to hear usual taunts. She asks Reyansh to come with her for the party. Praniti gets jealous seeing them. Reyansh sees Praniti’s reaction. He plays along and hugs Mallika to make Praniti jealous. He then calls off the party idea and makes Mallika away. He tells that he has changed her mind. He wants her to go home. He isn’t able to understand Praniti’s feelings. He seems to be affected by her reaction.

On the other hand, Baljeet calls Praniti to strike a deal. Praniti reads the papers. Baljeet forces her to withdraw the complaint against Vardhan. Baljeet asks her to fix the mess. Praniti asks her not to cover up Vardhan’s sins. Baljeet wants to support her grandson, knowing he is wrong. Praniti tells that she will not let Vardhan escape the punishment. Baljeet blames her for getting much losses for her. Reyansh overhears them. He supports Praniti. Baljeet wants him to help Vardhan. Reyansh tells that Vardhan did wrong and bearing the punishment. He wants Baljeet to show a right path to Vardhan.

He exclaims that Vardhan should be punished. He reminds Baljeet that she is also a woman, she should teach Vardhan to respect women. He feels Vardhan has insulted Praniti, which means he has insulted their family respect and upbringing too. He is ready to fight his own brother. She tells that she has to bring Vardhan home for the sake of family respect. She doesn’t want her family to break apart. She teaches unity to Reyansh. She hands over the legal papers to him. He declares that he won’t help until Vardhan apologizes to Praniti. You may catch up the latest episode below.

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