Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September Stunning finds

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September Stunning finds

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September Stunning finds Naira fights with her inner dilemma. She misses Kartik a lot and cries. She gets to read the chits kept by Kartik in a glass jar. She reads that the baby will become her strength, not her weakness. She believes in his words. She really wants to make her coming baby her strength. She doesn’t want to feel weak that she is pregnant.

She encourages herself that she can fight with her fate to bring back Kartik. She tells that Kartik need to be found, he would be waiting for her. She feels she isn’t ill, she can face any problem if she makes her baby a strength. She wants to unite her baby with his father. She packs her bags to leave for Kartik’s search mission. She dearly misses Kartik.

She recalls Kartik making an emergency bag for her so that they don’t need to rush in any unexpected situation. He was much prepared for everything. He had promised Naira that he would always be with her. She regrets that she is hiding her leaving from the family. She knows that they will never support her search mission. She writes a note for Dadi before she leaves. She hopes that the family understands her love and worry for Kartik.

Naira makes a prayer that she comes back home soon with Kartik. Goenka family pray for Kartik’s return. They didn’t know that they will see this sorrow when they are already worried for Manish’s recovery. Manish also wants to talk to Kartik, just like Kairav. Kairav calls Naira to encourage her.

He doesn’t know that Kartik is missing. He indirectly gives courage to Naira. He wants both his parents to be fine. The family misses to see Naira leaving the house. Naira begins her search mission. Gayu comes across a shocking truth when she gets Naira’s note. She rushes to inform the family that Naira went to find Kartik. Singhania family comes to meet Naira. Everyone gets to know that Naira isn’t at home, she has gone to find Kartik. They find Naira’s decision impulsive.

They don’t want Naira or her baby to suffer. They wish that Naira comes back home safely. Dadi asks Naksh and Samarth to get Naira home. Naksh knows that Naira has gone to Krishna’s house since she was much sure of Kartik’s presence there. Naksh and Samarth rush to find her. Naira doesn’t find anyone at Desai house. She wonders where did the family go in one day. She can’t believe its the same place she visited yesterday. She feels a baby kick like the baby wants to tell her something.

She recalls that her baby used to always guide her about Kartik’s location. She imagines the upsetting situation how Kartik had been kidnapped and tortured. She gets proof and connects it to her imagination. She realizes that Kartik was really kidnapped there. She cries aloud. She wants to find Kartik. She feels his pain. She can’t wait for more time. She calls up Krishna’s school and learns that Krishna was never admitted in the school. She recalls the lies told by Desai family.

She tries to get Desai family details from Sudha, the orphanage head. She doesn’t find any details. Sudha is ready to help her, and calls her at the office next day. Naira wants to gather much information. She gets an idea to question the society watchman. She learns that Desai family left some time back. She rushes to find them.

Furthermore, Naksh gets much tensed to find his sister. He is upset that Naira left alone and didn’t wait for him. She didn’t know she is so serious. Naira gets a hint about Kartik’s whereabouts. She connects the dots and reaches close to Kartik. Naira faces a hard time. Naksh and Samarth miss to find her, while she gets hurt. Will Naira make it possible and succeed to find Kartik? Will Naira bring Kartik safely home? Keep reading. You may catch up the latest episode below.

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