Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th September Weekend surprise

Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th September Weekend surprise

Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th September Weekend surprise Kabir wants to remind Riddhima that she loves him, she can’t fall for Vansh even if she wants. Riddhima gets liking Vansh. She feels happy when she thinks of him. She wonders what’s happening, if she is going on a wrong tangent. She doesn’t want to love Vansh. Kabir plans a surprise for Riddhima to remind her that he is her life. He gives her the sticker mehendi designs with his name.

He tells Anupriya that Riddhima will be shocked to see his name and try to hide it. Anupriya is sure that she will see how Riddhima manages to cover up. Riddhima gets a huge shock when she sees Kabir’s name in the sticker applied. She doesn’t want Vansh to see his name and understand her plans. She rushes to conceal everything before anyone sees her mehendi design. Kabir gets glad when the expected thing happens.

He further adds that Riddhima will always love him and not forget their love vows, she will never give a place to Vansh in her heart. Riddhima gets rid of Kabir’s name from her hand before Vansh reaches her. She lies to Vansh and makes him away. Kabir doesn’t want Riddhima to change the game rules set by him. He wants to decide her actions, since she is in Vansh’s life for his mission. He wants her to stay confused about her feelings.


He bounds her with their past memories. Riddhima wants to know if anyone knows her past. She gets checking things around to know if Kabir has taken the risk to send the parcel for her. She questions Devraj about the stickers. She isn’t aware that Devraj is Kabir. Kabir misleads her easily. He leaves a note for her which hints towards his next surprise. She gets afraid that Vansh will be knowing her truth.

She doesn’t want Vansh to see Kabir and her pictures. She acts alert and sharp to hide the pictures sent by the secret person. Vansh questions her strange behavior. He gets to see the pictures and realizes that its Ishani’s childhood to young days journey. Aryan reveals that it was his little surprise to cheer up Ishani, who is soon getting married. Aryan assures Ishani that he will find some way to help her escape from the house.

Ishani wants to avoid the marriage. Riddhima gets stressed. Kabir enjoys to see her in tension. Vansh finds her behaving strange and asks her if she is fine. Riddhima lies to him again. Vansh doesn’t have any interest in knowing her past. He realizes his feelings for Riddhima. He proposes her and tells her that he doesn’t want to look for her past, since it doesn’t matter. He tells her that just she matters to him and now they shall have a happy life. Riddhima falls for Vansh. She gets into a big dilemma over choosing her duty towards Kabir or keep her love towards Vansh.

She doesn’t feel love for Kabir any more. She feels just dutiful since she had promised Kabir to get Vansh arrested. Her emotional turmoil leaves her disturbed. What will Riddhima choose, love or duty? The upcoming promo shows interesting twists coming up. Vansh will be professing love to Riddhima and asking her reply to take their marriage ahead. Kabir will put pressure on her by reminding their love. Kabir doesn’t want to lose at any cost. It will be interesting to see whom Riddhima chooses between Kabir and Vansh. Vansh’s love will overpower Kabir’s memories. We guess that she will ultimately choose Vansh’s love, by respecting the institution of marriage. Keep reading to find out more.

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