Choti Sardarni 28th September Param in grave danger

Choti Sardarni 28th September Param in grave danger

Choti Sardarni 28th September Param in grave danger Manav hunts for his answers. He is restless to know the reason for Meher and Sarabjeet’s marriage. He finally tracks Meher’s location. He learns that they have gone to Serbia. Meher and Sarabjeet try to find evidence for Meher’s innocence. They reach the officer’s house as a baby sitter and domestic help. The lady identifies them. She yells at Meher for being the culprit and coming home to cheat her. She warns them to leave, else she will shoot both of them. Meher worries seeing her plan fail.

She has less time to finds possibilities for winning the case. Manav wonders why have they gone to Serbia. He asks his assistant to find all details about them. Param wants to know where is Karan. He tells that he will come to meet him. He leaves from the house alone. He asks the people for the address. He is lost on the roads. Param falls in huge danger. Manav comes as Param’s savior. Will Manav reach Serbia to help out Meher in the case?

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Choti Sardarni 28th September Param in grave danger: 3/5
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Pavitra Bhagya:
Reyansh plans to have a celebration party for Praniti. He takes Jugnu’s help. He overhears Praniti’s conversation. Praniti tells that nobody remembers her birthday in the house. Baljeet finds Reyansh preparing for Praniti’s birthday. He decorates the room beautifully to surprise Praniti with her birthday celebrations.

Baljeet thinks to ruin it all by disappearing Praniti. She is sure that Reyansh won’t like it if Praniti disrespects his efforts and avoids the party. Praniti doesn’t turn up and makes Reyansh wait for long. Baljeet works out her plan and cheats him by her manipulative tactics. She asks him why didn’t Praniti come when she know about the surprise. She asks him to call Praniti.

Moreover, Reyansh makes a video call to Praniti and finds her celebrating with Archit. Reyansh tolerates it. Archit comes home following Praniti to give the cake. Reyansh grows jealous seeing them. Jugnu loses faith on Praniti. She angrily burns the family pictures. Praniti faces a hard time to convince Jugnu. Praniti and Reyansh have a party at home with Jugnu.


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