Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th September Shocker for Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th September Shocker for Riddhima

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th September Shocker for Riddhima Vansh and Riddhima land into a romantic moment, when he realizes his feelings for her. He is a kind of person who doesn’t even trust his own shadow. His heart tends to trust Riddhima. He wonders the reason for feeling to blindly trust her. His care makes her feel love for him. She wonders if she is doing right to feel love for her enemy. She remembers her goals, that’s to get Vansh behind bars.

She feels she has landed in a big dilemma, she has to choose between her love and duty now. Her mind tells her that she has come on a mission against Vansh, but her heart is hurt with the thought of seeing him in pain. She wants to analyze the feeling if its love or not. Vansh and Riddhima start falling in love. Kabir plans the grand finale to end Riddhima’s growing feelings for Vansh. He wants Vansh to love innocent Riddhima.

He doesn’t want Riddhima to have any feelings for Vansh. He wants her to remember their love story. He controls Riddhima, who is just a part of his entire mission. He doesn’t permit her to have feelings against his permission.

Meanwhile, Kabir helps Aryan by arranging a huge teddy on his command. Aryan has planned the lifesize teddy to help Ishani escape. Kabir doesn’t know Aryan and Ishani’s plans. He manages to remind Riddhima about him by sending the same token which Riddhima remembers.

He thinks the love gift will remind Riddhima surely. He wants Riddhima to remember the promise she made to him and limit her heart. Aryan informs Vansh about the lovely gift for Ishani, which will remind her of good childhood memories. Kabir knows that first love can’t be forgotten.

He feels Riddhima is his first love, he will not let her get away easily. He wants Riddhima in his full control. Riddhima runs away from Kabir’s memories. Vansh finds her worried and wonders the reason. Riddhima loves Kabir a lot. She thinks she can’t fall for Vansh, even if her feelings start changing. Kabir’s love signs make her remember her. She thinks she is being wrong to give her heart to Vansh.

She feels someone knows her past with Kabir and is exploiting her mind by putting her in so much stress. She gets anxious. Vansh tries to figure out what’s wrong with Riddhima. He shares his problem with Dadi on her insistence. Dadi tells him that Riddhima doesn’t have any good memory of her forced marriage.

She asks Vansh to give time to Riddhima so that good memories take the place of the bad ones. Vansh understands that Riddhima needs time to forget about their unpleasant marriage moments. He goes to call the bride Ishani.

Aryan helps Ishani hide inside the teddy so that she can easily escape from the mansion. Riddhima hopes for her freedom, and tricks Vansh. Riddhima checks the teddy to know if its sent by Kabir. Ishani fears that Riddhima will catch her into the act. Kabir doesn’t want his name to get wiped off from Riddhima’s heart. He plans more shockers for her to remind her that she just belongs to him.

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