Pavitra Bhagya 28th September Update Reyansh’s surprise

Pavitra Bhagya 28th September Update Reyansh's surprise

Pavitra Bhagya 28th September Update Reyansh’s surprise Baljeet wants Maan to forget Navya, since she doesn’t want any illegitimate child in the house again. She tells him that girls like Navya and Praniti get insulted in the society. She wants Maan to clean the mess before she takes action on the matter. She threatens him. Praniti speaks to her mom on the call and reveals about her birthday celebrations at home. She misses her family.

She tells that she is missing her mom’s love a lot. Reyansh learns about Praniti’s birthday. He wants to plan a surprise party for her. Baljeet recalls the way Praniti came in the house. She gets angered that someone had tried to snatch her rights. She had killed Reyansh’s mother to show her right place. She decides to kill Praniti if things go out of their hands. She doesn’t want Praniti to rule in her house.

Meanwhile, Reyansh meets Jugnu and informs her about Praniti’s birthday. He tells that they will plan something special. Jugnu doesn’t think its anything special. She tells that she never celebrated her birthday in the orphanage, she doesn’t know how to celebrate it for others. Reyansh gets sad and asks her to just plan out something. They have a deal. They hide their secret plans from Praniti. Reyansh and Jugnu fool Praniti and burst out into laughter.

Moreover, Armaan and Maan get into an argument. Praniti overhears them and tries to know the matter. Armaan asks her to stay out of the matter. Praniti asks them the matter. They laugh seeing her face with the nail polish. Praniti doesn’t understand why they are laughing. They show her face in the phone camera. Praniti also laughs seeing herself. Reyansh finds his family happy for the first time. They all share a laugh due to Jugnu’s mischief. Navya calls up Maan and finds him too caring. She asks him about Praniti.

Maan feels glad that she is connecting with his family. She doesn’t want him to flirt, since Armaan trapped her in love with such cheesy talks. She asks Maan about Praniti’s like. He tells that he doesn’t know about her likes. She tells that he should have known Praniti’s likes and dislikes. Archit tells Navya that Praniti’s choices keep changing. Navya tells that people do change with time. Archit misses his bond with Praniti. He loves her and admits his feelings. He just wants her to be happy. Jugnu makes the birthday decorations.

Baljeet asks what is she doing. Jugnu fools her. She begins acting to mislead Praniti. She argues with Praniti. Praniti doesn’t want to fight with her. Reyansh asks if anything is special today. He ignores Praniti. He doesn’t wish her so that she gets the big surprise. Reyansh and Jugnu send the voice note to Praniti. Baljeet learns their plans and prepare to create a rift between Reyansh and Praniti.

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