Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th September Prisha badly framed

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th September Prisha badly framed

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th September Rudra surprising stand Rudra feels proud of his wife Prisha for being so strong. He tells the family that he trusts Prisha, she can’t be the culprit. He asks the police to take his help with the information and catch the right culprit. Ahana thinks Prisha would be glad to fool them. She wants to insult Prisha and her parents. Balraj feels Rudra has lost his mind. Rudra tells Prisha’s family that he trusts Prisha.

Gopal tells him that he shared his doubt with Prisha, so she had gone to meet Yuvraj. Rudra promises that he will always be with Prisha. Gopal and Vasu get relieved that Prisha is with the right man. They wish them forever togetherness. Prisha gets emotional that Rudra is with her. Prisha and Saransh hold Rudra’s hands. Gopal tells Vasu that they shall meet Yuvraj and rebuke him. He doesn’t want to reveal how Yuvraj cheated them. He tells that he knows Yuvraj is lying.

Meanwhile, Saransh is worried for Prisha’s safety. Rudra tells him that he will always protect Prisha from his dad. He wants to make her live in peace. Gopal meets Yuvraj and accuses him. Yuvraj asks him not to blame him always. He tells Vasu that he loves Gopal as his dad, but he can’t bear the blames always. He tells that Prisha came to blame him and had the same question. He answers that he didn’t make that video.

He asks Vasu to just support him. Prisha is thankful to Rudra for trusting her. Rudra asks her not to thank him. He trusts her. She tells him that he has earned her trust as well. He wants to tell her that she loves him. Rudra tells her that he is trying to convey his feelings. He encourages himself. Prisha goes to get some water. He prepares to confess love. Yuvraj tells Gopal that he wants Prisha and Saransh back in his life.

Gopal tells that Prisha will never take divorce from Rudraksh, they are happy together. He reveals about Rudra’s unconditional support towards Prisha. He feels just Rudraksh is right for Prisha, he showed his faith on his wife. He tells that once he gets a proof against Yuvraj, he will not spare him. Gopal warns him to be away from Prisha. Vasu asks Yuvraj to keep his calm. Prisha wants to tell Rudra about Rahul’s blackmailing. She thinks Rudra can handle Rahul’s matter. She finds Rudra asleep. She thinks to tell him the matter in the morning.

Balraj hinders Prisha and Rudra’s conversation. He congratulates her for her success in her motive to ruin Rudra. He informs that Rudra got banned from singing, his career is finished now, the music company also got shut. He asks Rudra who will give him work now. Rahul comes to insult them. He offers work to Rudra, if the latter is jobless. He asks Rudra to sing for his company. Balraj wants him to leave. Rudra invites them for the party.

He further adds that his company singer won the big award instead Rudra. He meets Prisha, who yells at him. Rahul frames her. He reveals to them that Prisha wanted her suspension to get cancelled. He tells that he will cancel her suspension, since she has kept her promise and passed the video to him. He shocks Rudra by telling him that Prisha has given him the confession video. Rudra threatens him.

Moreover, Rahul gives them the shocking information. He reveals about Prisha’s mistake and then her suspension. Rudra didn’t know about it. He learns the entire story. His faith on Prisha gets tested. Rahul asks Prisha how will she deny everything now. He thanks Prisha for making the big deal. Prisha fails to explain Rudra about Neerja’s case. Balraj decides to throw out Prisha and Saransh from the house. Rudra becomes their protector. He gets against Balraj for the sake of his wife. Prisha fears the worse outcome from their fight.

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