Choti Sardaarni Param kidnapped 1st Oct 2020 Update

Choti Sardaarni Param kidnapped 1st Oct 2020 Update

Choti Sardaarni Param kidnapped 1st Oct 2020 Update Meher feels she has lost the chance. Sarabjeet tells Meher that Martha will call them back, she is actually an Indian, she used to live in Delhi. He tells that he has got every details about Martha. He is sure that Martha will find out about them and call them back. Martha stops them from leaving.

Manav hides the matter from Aditi. Manav tells her that he has ordered a gift for her. He lies to her. Harleen and Robby ask him about the honeymoon plans. Aditi tells that they are going to Switzerland tomorrow. Manav plans to head to Serbia to help Meher. Martha tells Sarabjeet that her brother has recommended their names so she will hire them. Harleen performs the Pagphere ritual.

She tells that Sarabjeet would have welcomed them, but he had to go urgently. Manav asks Harleen if Param has gone along with his parents. Harleen tells that Param is busy in his online class. She has no idea that he is not at home. An evil couple see Param walking alone on the road. They want to kidnap him. Param talks to Yuvi on call.


Meher wants to talk to Param once. Sarabjeet asks Meher to relax. Martha insults them for sitting on the couch, when they are just newly hired servants. Meher feels bad that respectable Sarabjeet is insulted by Martha. Sarabjeet gets polite and apologizes to Martha. Meher asks Martha why is she yelling for a small issue. Martha tells that they are servants in her house, she knows how to treat them. Meher and Sarabjeet have always treated their helpers with love and respect. Martha gets angry that Meher is staring at her.

She humiliates Meher. She wants them to follow her rules. Meher doesn’t agree, while Sarabjeet nods in order to convince Martha for withdrawing the court case. Sarabjeet tells Martha that he will just follow her command. Manav likes the food and eats hurriedly. Aditi gets surprised seeing his changed choice and behavior.

Manav realizes that Aditi is observing him. He tries to keep his old choices to fool Aditi. Aditi asks him the reason for the change. Manav tells that he will always be the same, he got married and will change a bit. Robby tells Harleen about lawyer asking for Meher’s case file. He asks Harleen about the case on Meher. Meanwhile, Meher changes her mind. She doesn’t want Sarabjeet to bear the insult. He tells her that they have to win Martha’s heart for the sake of their good future, and also their children. Meher feels love for him.

Kulwant meets Seema. She tries to figure out Vikram’s truth. She thinks she should ask Seema about her son. She finds Seema an innocent woman. The lady lies to Param that she is also his Bua. Param believes the strangers and takes their help to reach Karan. Param gets kidnapped. Martha continues to belittle Sarabjeet. Sarabjeet and Meher share their family pictures to change Martha’s decision. Martha snatches their phones and asks them to collect it after their work hours. The kidnappers call Param’s parents to demand a ransom. Martha switches off Meher and Sarabjeet’s phones.

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Choti Sardaarni Param kidnapped 1st Oct 2020 Update


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