Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th October Kabir’s real motives exposed

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th October Kabir's real motives exposed

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th October Kabir’s real motives exposed Ishq Mein Marjawan Kabir’s motives exposed Riddhima shocked Riddhima is moved to see Kabir questioning her love and loyalty towards him. Kabir asks her if she has fallen for Vansh or is she just playing the drama to get Vansh’s secrets out. He tells her that just he has the right on her love. He makes her reminded of their love vows.

He tells her that he loves her and is proud of her, seeing the way she is handling Vansh, fooling him around, just to get Ragini’s truth out. He tells that they have to find out Vansh’s truth and then get him behind bars so that they can have their lovely life together. He shows her dreams of their marriage, a little family and a little world filled with joy. Riddhima gets worried that she is really falling for Vansh. She didn’t mean to love him, but her heart tends towards Vansh.

She thinks if its because of her belief in marriage or her heart which believes Vansh can’t be a murderer. She wants to believe Vansh, since he had already told her that he didn’t kill Ragini. Kabir tells her that she has to think of their love. He shows her trust on her to make her feel more guilty. She is speechless. She doesn’t want to tell him that the change he is seeing in her is genuine. He asks her to always remember the mission, that she has come to get Vansh punished. Riddhima feels hurt on hearing this.


Kabir tells her that she can’t love Vansh, else she will be crossing the limits of their love. He wants her to just stay focussed. She confronts him for terrifying her by sending their love souvenirs. He tells her that he has just done that to test her love. He tells that he is impressed with her, since she has passes the test and ended all his doubts. He tells that once they find Ragini’s murder secret, then their mission will get over. He asks her to come back to him. Riddhima can’t answer him. She isn’t aware of her feelings.

Vansh looks for her. Kabir hides inside the pool when Vansh comes to take her. Vansh indirectly tells her that just he has a right on her love. She gets helpless to lie to Vansh again. She covers up her meeting with Kabir. Vansh finds Riddhima in danger and saves her from the fire burning her dupatta. He promises to always safeguard her. He reminds her that she is his wife, his responsibility and his love too. He feels he has fallen for Riddhima.

Riddhima’s heart wants to be with Vansh. Riddhima will be finding Kabir’s truth and motives. She learns that Kabir wants to ruin Vansh. She swears to protect Vansh. She tells him that she is Vansh’s wife and won’t let him succeed. She promises Kabir that she will not let Anupriya and Kabir win. She faces the deceive from Kabir. She realizes that she was just a pawn for his game. She ends her love ties with Kabir. She chooses Vansh’s love over Kabir.

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