Pavitra Bhagya 1st October Pinjara Colors Latest Spoilers

Pavitra Bhagya 1st October Pinjara Colors Latest Spoilers

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Pavitra Bhagya 1st October Pinjara Colors Latest Spoilers Baljeet creates a hurdle in Praniti’s birthday celebrations. Praniti celebrates with Reyansh and Jugnu. Baljeet spoils it all and shocks everyone by her announcement. She predicts that a disaster is going to strike her family. Reyansh and Praniti have good moments with the family. Baljeet asks Praniti to remember that she is a bad omen for them.

She tells Reyansh that Praniti’s birthday isn’t a good occasion for them. Praniti could have answered Baljeet and got Reyansh’s support on her side. Praniti keeps the same silence once again. Praniti becomes Baljeet and Mallika’s target. Mallika is aiming to marry Reyansh, who gets clear of his feelings growing for Praniti. How will Reyansh and Praniti fight Baljeet’s challenge?

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story:
Pinky wishes Arjun a good life. She meets Nandu to bid a farewell. Nandu doesn’t want to let Pinky go. Pinky loves Nandu a lot, since she is Ananya’s daughter and close to her heart. Parul doesn’t connect with Nandu well. Arjun still wants Pinky to leave. Nandu tells that she will pray that Pinky comes back home.

Pinky gets heartbroken while making a leave from Arjun’s house. Arjun is also devastated. He is making a sacrifice of his love for the sake of Nalini’s request. Bua takes Pinky with her. Arjun cries on their separation. Pinky tries to stay positive and hopeful that Arjun will come back to her if its in their fate. Parul doesn’t care for Arjun’s heartbreak and sorrow. Pinky tells her dad that she will help Arjun and Parul in their marriage. She learns that Arjun and Parul are shifting. Arjun wants to get distant from Pinky.


Mayura apologizes to Omkar. She realizes her fault. She tells that she is lucky to get a caring husband like her. She doesn’t want to stay upset. She tells that she has made an issue for a little thing. She tells that she will stay in her parents’ house for some days when she visits next time. Omkar tells her that he will accompany her next time. He just wants her to obey him. Mayura gets upset again. He then lies to her to keep her in an illusion. Mayura finds his behavior getting odd. Omkar doesn’t want her to know his truth. Omkar gets a huge shock when Mayura faints down. Mayura realizes that Omkar doesn’t love her, but just her beauty. She feels caged by her obsession.


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