Rishte Pyaar Kunal Abir spoil their bond 30th Sept Update

Rishte Pyaar Kunal Abir spoil their bond 30th Sept Update

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Rishte Pyaar Kunal Abir spoil their bond 30th Sept Update Kunal and Abir prepare to leave for the trip, since they have to sign a deal. Kunal tells that Mishti wanted them to visit the temple. He tells Kuhu that he is really happy that she agreed to visit the temple. Abir is upset with Kuhu for her wrong behavior. Mishti tells that Kuhu has apologized today and they should better forget the past.

She wants him to be happy as well. She tells that she spoke to Kuhu about his wish and she is glad that Kuhu agreed. Abir finds her becoming responsible. He asks her to always keep her cool. Abir and Kunal leave for their work, while Kuhu begins her planning. Mishti meets Meenakshi, who is upset that Abir isn’t talking to her. She tells Meenakshi that she knows that Meenakshi always does everything for the sake of Abir’s happiness.

She promises that she will take good care of Kuhu. She understands Meenakshi’s concern. Meenakshi is glad that Mishti understands her and wants to unite her with Abir. She feels Kuhu is wrong, she is threatening to make her away from the heir. She realizes that her demand for surrogacy was wrong. She feels sorry for Mishti. Kuhu wants to take revenge on Mishti, since Kunal also supported Mishti on the day of Godh bharai function.

She wants Mishti to get icecream for her. Kuhu steals Mishti’s phone. She sends Mishti away. Mishti is ready to do anything for Kuhu. She goes to buy icecream. Kuhu calls Kunal and lies to him that she isn’t able to breath. Kunal asks about Mishti. Kuhu tells him that Mishti isn’t at home. Kunal finds Mishti a careless person. He argues with Abir. Abir tells that Mishti can’t ignore Kuhu’s needs. Kunal doesn’t think Mishti is looking after Kuhu.

Kunal and Abir return home and find Kuhu alone. They question about Mishti. Kuhu lies that Mishti was bored at home and went to party with her friends. Abir tells them that Mishti can’t leave this way. He asks Parul and Nidhi if anything happened behind his back. Parul asks him not to worry. She tells that Mishti forgot his phone at home. Mishti struggles to get Kuhu’s favorite icecream. Kuhu spoils her image in front of the family.

Kuhu tells Kunal that Mishti got butterscotch icecream for her, which is making her feel nausea. Mishti comes home and tells Abir that she had gone to take icecream for Kuhu. Abir realizes that Kuhu has tried to lie and defame Mishti. He confronts Kuhu about her lies. He reveals that Kuhu had intentionally sent Mishti away to blame her. Kuhu gets speechless and sheds tears to mislead Kunal. Kunal supports his wife. He gets against Abir. He asks Mishti not to care for Kuhu. Mishti worries for her baby. She takes a disguise to look after Kuhu.

Rishte Pyaar Kunal Abir spoil their bond 30th Sept Update

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