Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th October 2020 Written Update Vansh poisoned

Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th October 2020 Written Update Vansh poisoned

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th October 2020 Written Update Vansh poisoned Riddhima is grateful to Vansh for saving her life. Vansh is clueless about her gratitude. Anupriya and Ishani assume Riddhima dead. They want to have a glance of Riddhima’s bad condition. They get inside the room to check on her. They don’t see Riddhima and wonder where did she go. Ishani hates Riddhima. She questions Anupriya the reason for her hatred for Riddhima.

Anupriya doesn’t reveal anything. She fools Ishani by showing her concern. Vansh cares for Riddhima further. She ponders over her feelings growing for Vansh, when she was clear minded about Kabir since always. Vansh can’t see her burnt feet. He wants to know who had harmed her. He promises to kill the person who dares to hurt his wife. Riddhima isn’t aware of the culprit. But, she is certain that it was someone’s plan.

She further suspects Ishani. Ishani can’t tolerate Angre. She blames Riddhima for getting her married to Angre. She wants to know the truth behind Anupriya’s surprising move. She refuses to return the gold bangle to Anupriya. Anupriya’s motive to gift the bangle to Ishani is fulfilled. She wants Ishani to return the bangle at once. Vansh’s questions don’t top either. He wants Riddhima to just name the person she suspects. Riddhima doesn’t have any evidence. She calls it an accident to calm his rage.

Vansh still isn’t convinced. He still wants to know about Riddhima’s troubles. He seeks her permission to treat her wounds. Riddhima wants him to be close all the time. She gives her heart to him. They lose each other in their eyes. Vansh can’t see her pain flowing out by her tears. Riddhima never thought Ishani could harm her life. She suspects Anupriya as well, since the latter threatened her to keep her away from the secrets buried in the locker. Ishani demands to know the secret. She refuses to give away the bangle if Anupriya doesn’t share the secret. Ishani knows the matter maybe a critical one. Anupriya cleverly covers up when Kabir calls her.

Meanwhile, Chanchal suggests the family for a movie treat to pamper themselves. Riddhima is determined to expose Anupriya’s secrets to the family. She learns to deal with her enemies. Anupriya plans something that even the worst person in the world would fail to imagine. She poisons the water melon to kill Riddhima. She overhears Dadi and Chanchal’s conversation. Moreover, Riddhima reaches Ishani to get the bangle from her. Chanchal gets the poisoned melon for Riddhima. Riddhima feels sorry to cheat Dadi.

Vansh becomes a target of Anupriya’s huge conspiracy. He finds the fresh fruits and consumes it. Riddhima bravely cuts the bangle to retrieve the key while Ishani is asleep. She gets away with the locker key. Ishani stays unaware, so does Anupriya. Riddhima thinks of the perfect time to unlock the secrets and expose Anupriya. Unexpectedly, Riddhima loses the key to Anupriya. Anupriya stops her from reaching the locker. She gives her the final warning. She threatens Riddhima about the deadly poison.

Riddhima tries to decode her warning signs. She goes to her room and finds Vansh awake. Vansh shares the plate of fruits with her. He tells her that Dadi had sent it for them. Riddhima spots the poison on the melon piece. She doesn’t take time to realize that it was Anupriya’s plan to inject the poison into the melon to knock her out of her way. Anupriya wants Riddhima to die as soon as possible. Riddhima finds Vansh finishing the fruits.

She gets late in stopping him. She informs Vansh about the poisoned fruit. She checks on Vansh’s health. Vansh reacts on hearing the news. In no time, he falls unconscious showing the signs of poisoning. Riddhima feels her world has fallen upside down when the fear of losing Vansh strikes her senses. How will Riddhima save Vansh’s life? Keep reading.

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