Pinjara Indiawali Maa Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming spoilers

Indiawaali Maa 5th October 2020 Update Upcoming Spoiler

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Indiawaali Maa 5th October 2020 Update Upcoming Spoiler Kaku and Rohan come home and find Cheenu too worried. Cheenu gets over her dilemma about her dad’s options. She gets clear that she loves Rohan. She also likes Kaku’s values to come in her coming baby. Rohan finds Cheenu crying and asks the reason. He doesn’t have any issues with her shouting at him. He has forgiven her already.

Cheenu meets Rohan and hugs him. She chooses him over the family business. She apologizes to him. She tells that she realized that she should have not spoken to him rudely. Rohan tells her that she left everything for his sake. She tells him that her dad didn’t leave any choice for her, he asked her to choose between the company and him, the choice was simple for her. She tells that she left everything just for the sake of his love.

Rohan hugs her. Kaku overhears their conversation and feels proud of them. Kaku wants to fix everything in Rohan’s life. She wants to help Rohan in gathering one lakh rupees for Rohan. She informs Chandra Prabha about her new work of event management and party planning. She is ready to return one lakh to her. Chandra Prabha realizes that Rohan has lied to Kaku once again.

Anupama Upcoming twists and promo:

Vanraj proposes Anupama for marriage. He tells her that when an old story ends, a new one shall begin. He asks Anupama if she will marry him once again. Anupama gets glad. Kavya shocks him by compelling him to marry her. She tells that he will marry her on the day of his anniversary. She had always asked for his love. She asks him for her rights. She proposes Vanraj for marriage, leaving him in a tough situation. A very tough choice for Vanraj. What will Vanraj do now? Whom will Vanraj choose, Anupama or Kavya? Keep reading for more news. Catch the latest promo below.






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