Pavitra Bhagya 5th October 2020 Written Review Update

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Pavitra Bhagya 5th October 2020 Written Review Update Reyansh suggests Baljeet that they shall get together and fight back to get the family to his old position of glory once again. Baljeet is glad that Reyansh still trusts her. She is ready to let him help the family. He tells her that even if she distances him from her, he will never leave her alone, despite the issues she holds against Praniti. He is ready to forget everything to bring the family back on the top.

Baljeet likes his ideas and supports him to run the business his way. She then proposes a marriage deal for Maan. She tells Reyansh that they will get Maan married to a rich businessman’s daughter, so that their sinking business survives. Reyansh and Maan receive a shock by her idea. Reyansh is aware of the fight that Maan loves Navya. He can’t pressurize him to marriage for a business deal. He stands up against Baljeet’s decision for the sake of his brother’s happiness.

Later, Reyansh and Praniti have a heart to heart talk. Reyansh wants to tell his feelings to her. He wants to express his love and propose her for marriage. Reyansh and Praniti have mutual feelings for each other. Reyansh cares for her. Praniti realizes the good change in him. She falls for him once again. They look good together. Maan wishes his relation with Navya to become like Reyansh and Praniti’s relation.

Moreover, Maan, Riya and Armaan can see love blossoming between the two. Riya tells them that Reyansh should marry Praniti. Maan knows their odd past. He is sure that Reyansh isn’t accepting his true love for Praniti. Reyansh wants Praniti to give him an answer. He proposes her by all his heart. Jugnu also wants her parents to get married. She questions them about their marriage.

Consequently, Reyansh and Praniti really think they are a couple, who love each other a lot. He wants to ask if she wants to live with him as his wife, in a relation of marriage. He wants to have a family with Praniti. Praniti wants him to come up with the love proposal, so that she can accept it heartily. She also wants to reunite with Reyansh.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Pavitra Bhagya 5th October 2020 Written Review Update: 5/5
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