Anupama 6th October 2020 Written Update Kavya's ire

Anupama 6th October 2020 Written Update Kavya’s ire

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Anupama 6th October 2020 Written Update Kavya wicked ire Anupama has returned home after spending the night at Devika’s house. Her duties towards the family bring her back, but she feels alienated on seeing Vanraj. She recalls his harsh words. She feels Vanraj has abandoned her, she can’t accept the family as her own if she has lost her rights on Vanraj. She heads to the kitchen to do her work. She vents her anger by working hard. Vanraj gets a back ache. He misses Anupama. He recalls that he had ousted Anupama at night.

He doesn’t care for Anupama. He thinks of his parents, who would object on seeing Anupama sleeping in the living room. He doesn’t want his image to spoil. He gets a shocking call. He happens to rush out of the house. Jhilmil comes home for the work. Anupama doesn’t pay attention. She isn’t in senses. She is much upset.

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Vanraj sees her before leaving the house. Vanraj meets Devika, who tries to teach him a lesson. Devika reprimands him for mentally harassing Anupama by his rude behavior. Vanraj asks her to mind her own work. Devika tells him that she found Anupama outside his house in bad state, when Anupama got a panic attack because of him.

She reveals that she took Anupama home and learnt the entire matter. He wasn’t aware of this. She tells that she got her husband punished for the wrong. She warns that she can get him jailed as well. She tells that she will encourage Anupama to file a complaint against him. She asks him not to repeat his bad actions. She threatens him and leaves him tensed. Vanraj leaves for home. Anupama is lost.

Everyone notices her sorrow and ask the reason. Samar and Paritosh sing and dance for her. Anupama gets irritated and stops them. Samar tells them that Anupama and Vanraj’s 25th marriage anniversary is coming, the children will prepare a surprise for parents this time. Anupama thinks she won’t be able to celebrate it, since Vanraj regrets their marriage. Samar tells them that they will get Vanraj and Anupama remarried as seen in the films.

Vanraj watches the family from far. He meets Anupama and proposes her for marriage. He tells her that his elders decided their marriage before, but he wants to know if she will marry him again. Anupama realizes that he is just doing a drama. She sheds tears and doesn’t agree. She hugs Baa and breaks down. Baa thinks Anupama is just being emotional. Vanraj gets filmi to propose her with a flower in hand.

Anupama sees Vanraj going on knees to propose her. Baa gives a ring to help Vanraj. Kavya passes by. She is surprised to see Vanraj proposing Anupama. She can’t believe it. She wants to reprimand Vanraj. The family is very happy. Anupama has a storm in her heart. Anupama refuses to the proposal. The family wonders her problem. They realize that Vanraj has hurt her. Vanraj tells them that Anupama is upset on him, he will convince her. Kavya realizes that she is the other woman in Vanraj’s life. She can’t tolerate the people insulting and mocking her. She wants to marry Vanraj at any cost. Vanraj sings a song for Anupama and romantically convinces her. Anupama melts her anger and hugs him. Kavya turns wicked to break their marriage.

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