Choti Sardarni 6th October 2020 Written update Sarabjeet shot dead

Choti Sardarni 6th October 2020 Written update Sarabjeet shot dead

Choti Sardarni 6th October 2020 Written update Sarabjeet shot dead The kidnappers threaten to harm Param. Param stays terrified. Manav meets Vishal Matwani, Meher’s lawyer. He wants to know about Meher and Sarabjeet’s location. The lawyer refuses to share their details. Manav informs him about Meher and Sarabjeet’s son Param getting kidnapped. He wants the lawyer to inform the news to Sarabjeet so that Param doesn’t suffer.

The lawyer gets convinced after speaking to Harleen. He rushes to meet Sarabjeet. He wants to tell Sarabjeet about Param’s kidnapping. Meher and Sarabjeet work as servants for Martha. Manav follows Vishal to Martha’s house. He gets to see Meher and Sarabjeet serving Martha. He wants to know the matter. Martha assigns house duties to them. Vishal meets Martha to talk to his clients Meher and Sarabjeet.

Martha yells at him. She doesn’t want any out of court settlement. She wants Meher to get punished. She tells that she will also make Meher suffer and long for her family. She makes the lawyer leave. Vishal throws a chit for Meher. Martha leaves from her mansion. Manav doesn’t get an entry. He wants to tell Meher that he has come for her sake. Meher and Sarabjeet fail to get the letter. Angel calls Meher. The letter goes to Manav.


Param prays that his parents come to save him from the dangerous kidnappers. Sarabjeet doesn’t get the letter because of the guard. Param cries out his pain to his parents. It becomes a mystery for Manav to know about Meher and Sarabjeet’s service to Martha. Meher misses her children a lot. Manav passes the important letter to Sarabjeet. Sarabjeet is shell shocked to read the letter. He tells Meher that Param is kidnapped.

Meher can’t believe that her son is in grave danger. Sarabjeet and Meher break down. They want to call home and know the matter. They rush to get their phones to call home. Martha locks their phones in the cupboard. They try to make a call from the cordless. Martha had hidden that as well. Sarabjeet finds the phone and calls home. Meher enters the password on Sarabjeet’s social network account when he fails to type it right because of his shivering hands.

She learns his password, I love you Meher. She gets emotional. They worry for Paam. They try to call the family. They finally reach Harleen. Harleen reveals about Param’s kidnapping. She wants Sarabjeet to come back home, she isn’t able to handle it alone. Meher asks about the ransom. Harleen tells that she has arranged 60 crores out of 100 crores. Meher asks if she has seen Param fine. The call soon disconnects.

Angel shouts on Meher. Meher isn’t able to focus due to Param’s disturbing news. Sarabjeet takes care of Meher’s injury, when she ends up hurting herself in tension. Sarabjeet assures that they will return home and also save Param. Meher doesn’t care for the law or punishment. Sarabjeet explains his situation. She wants to go back with him. He asks her to stay back and win the case for his sake. He tells that he will go back and save Param. He promises her. He takes her promise that she will win the case at any cost.

Manav wants Sarabjeet and Meher to come out after hearing the news. Meher tell the guards that Sarabjeet is going out to get medicines for Angel. Manav finds Meher in tears. He wants to reach her out. He grows jealous seeing Sarabjeet touching Meher. He feels Meher is crying since she isn’t happy with the marriage. He wants to tell Meher that he had come to take her and end her suffering. Martha allows Sarabjeet to go out to get medicines. Sarabjeet gets himself checked before leaving the mansion.

With a heavy heart, Sarabjeet takes a farewell from Meher in order to save Param. They both wish Param stays safe. Manav gets a chance to meet her. He gets excited to confess his real identity. Meher reaches Manav to confess that he is Manav, who returned from the death for her. Meher refuses to accept his love, since she now loves Sarabjeet. Ahead in the show, Sarabjeet will be getting shot. Meher doubts that Manav has shot Sarabjeet to kill him so that she returns to him. What’s the truth behind the new mystery? Keep reading.

Choti Sardarni 6th October 2020 Written update Sarabjeet shot dead


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