Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th October 2020 Review Update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th October 2020 Review Update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th October 2020 Review Update Abir blames Kuhu for having a business deal with Meenakshi for the sake of his coming baby. He tells Kunal that Kuhu has made surrogacy a way to get Meenakshi’s property. Kunal doesn’t believe this. He thinks Kuhu has done everything for Mishti’s sake. He tells Kuhu that he will always support her. Abir can never tolerate Kunal going away from him. He tells Kunal that he loves him a lot, he had to choose him over Mishti, and expects him to choose his brother over Kuhu. He is much hurt.

Meanwhile, Meenakshi is worried that Abir knows her truth. She knows Abir will never understand her, so she wants to explain Kunal once. She tells Kunal that she doesn’t want both her sons to stay distant. She wants them to be together. She loves them equally as she claims now. Kunal tells Meenakshi that he knows her love for them. She asks him to trust her, she had no deal with Kuhu. Kuhu is tensed seeing them. She tries to avoid the talks.

She had earlier made an excuse of stomach cramps to get Kunal’s support and run away from Abir’s questions. She goes out to the lawn where Mishti catches her to confront. Mishti asks Kuhu to be true if Meenakshi compelled her to become the surrogate. Kuhu is speechless. She is fed up of lying, but can’t admit the truth. Kunal comes to her rescue and saves her from Mishti’s questions again. He takes her along to the room, while Parul wants to know the truth from Meenakshi. Parul knows Meenakshi can do anything to get a family heir.

Meenakshi tells her that Abir and Kunal’s relation spoiled because of this issue. She warns that their relation can also spoil if Parul questions. Jasmeet and Varsha learn about Kuhu’s move to have the surrogacy deal. Varsha is disappointed. She calls up Kuhu for a talk. Kuhu can’t lie to Varsha. She better wants to avoid her. She tells Varsha that she doesn’t want to talk to her, since Varsha never supported her decision.

Moreover, Mishti goes to meet Varsha. Varsha tells Mishti that she was upset that Mishti couldn’t stop Kuhu from becoming a surrogate. She understands that Kuhu had done this for her selfish motives. She feels sorry to hold a grudge against Mishti for so long. Later, Kuhu shows his faith on Kuhu. He tells her that he loves her a lot and more than love, he trusts her. He knows that she can never do wrong. He decides to take her away from the family after handing over the baby to Abir and Mishti.

He tells that they will shift to Dubai after the delivery. He adds that he isn’t interested in any property, he will struggle to make his name again. He mentions that he had already spoken to Meenakshi and rejected the property share. Kuhu can’t let this happen, since she has done everything to secure their future. She gets tensed. She tells him that they can’t leave the family. Kunal tells her that Abir and Mishti aren’t understanding her sacrifice. He wants to return all the property to Abir.

Kunal stops him from giving up his share. She admits the truth that she chose surrogacy just to get him the business and property share. Kunal is moved to hear her confession. He realizes Abir was very much right about Kuhu’s greed. Abir and Mishti try to keep the relations better. They don’t want the baby to get affected by the tensions. Abir asks Kunal not to stay upset with him. Kunal wants Kuhu to admit the truth.

Furthermore, Kuhu tells them that she really wanted to help them by surrogacy, but she fell into greed when Meenakshi proposed a good deal. She tells them that she has done everything to secure Kunal’s life. Kunal is heartbroken. He decides to divorce Kuhu. Meenakshi is worried seeing the relations breaking down. Abir wants to keep the family united. What will he do to keep Kuhu and Kunal together with the family? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th October 2020 Review Update: 5/5
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  1. Kuhu is lying again.. she never wanted to be a surrogate to help.. she went for an abortion when bb delayed the property transfer… this has to be told as it’s imp… makers can’t skip this coz of which kuhu started all the drama of troubling Mishti… kuhu’s greed can’t be taken as childish, she’s mature enough to know Wts right so her tantrums can’t be justified… her jealousy has to be portrayed … finally Jasmeet needs to be taught a lesson as well…
    Abir needs to stop being so good to ignore Kuhu’s selfish acts all this while to defame Mishti as kuhu isn’t that naive.


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