Choti Sardarni 7th October 2020 Written Update Meher stabbed

Choti Sardarni 7th October 2020 Written Update Meher stabbed

Choti Sardarni 7th October 2020 Written Update Meher stabbed Manav wants Meher to see him once that he has come too far just for her sake. He has waited for Meher a lot. He goes towards Meher, who enters Martha’s house. Manav rushes to her. She fails to see him when the guards shut the door. Manav faces the police who get a complaint from Martha’s guard. Manav tells the officers that he is an intelligence officer. The officers ask him to cooperate and come with them. Manav gets arrested at the gun point.

Meanwhile, Meher tells Harleen that they can’t trust the kidnappers that they will free Param after taking the money. She tells that Sarabjeet will come there after a day. She wants Kulwant to help her in saving Param. Kulwant tells Meher that she will do anything to save Param. Meher asks her to contact Champa and make a plan. Angel scolds Meher for touching her laptop. She wants Meher to make jalebis for her. She insults Meher.

She refuses to give her laptop until she gets her favorite jalebis. Meher is forced to go for cooking. Sarabjeet reaches the airport. He informs Tarkesh. He asks Tarkesh to arrange cash as much as possible. He is grateful to the lawyer. He is leaving Meher alone to deal with Martha. He asks the lawyer to handle everything in his absence. Manav gets stuck at the police station. Sarabjeet calls Vikram to take his help in Param’s case.

Manav tells him that his team is finding Param. Sarabjeet tells that he will free Param from the kidnappers and come back to take Meher. Manav tells that Meher is just of him. Sarabjeet fails to hear him. Manav assures him that he will try his best to find Param. He lies about his urgent case. He doesn’t reveal that he is also in Serbia. He wants to meet Meher at any cost. Meher makes the jalebis for Angel. She asks for her laptop.

Angel allows her. Meher calls Kulwnt again. She speaks to Champa. She asks Champa to get inside the kidnappers’ den to find Param. Champa tells about the dangerous kidnappers who kill the children after taking the money. She tells that no police officer can reach Param. Meher makes a plan to take the help from Champa and other kinners. She tells them that they will plan a sting operation. Angel throws things to get Meher’s attention. Angel disrespects Meher. She wants Meher to leave her problems and just play with her. Meher refuses to her. This anger Angel a lot.

Harleen, Aditi, Robby, Rana, Kulwant and others dress up as the kinners. Champa takes them to Kidnapper’s house. Angel gets angry and gets wicked. She intends to harm Meher, while Meher watches the rescue mission on the video call. Kulwant tries to get inside the place to find Param. Meher wishes that they find Param. She hopes everything is fine. Harleen looks for Param. The kidnapper misbehaves with Harleen.

Angel asks Meher to return the laptop. Meher wants her to shut up and let her talk to family. Robby comes to Harleen’s rescue. The kidnappers want the kinners to leave. Meher gets Sarabjeet on the video call. She tells them that Kulwant and family have reached Param to save him. Sarabjeet worriedly watches the rescue mission. He doesn’t want anyone in the family to get harmed. Angel tries to disconnect the internet to stop Meher.

Meher doesn’t want Angel to trouble her further. Kulwant and gang catch the kidnappers while dancing around. Harleen looks for Param, who is hidden there. Param gets to hear Meher and Sarabjeet’s voice on the video call. He responds to them. Harleen finds Param with the help of Meher and Sarabjeet. She hugs Param and takes care of him. Param’s rescue mission succeeds because of Meher. Sarabjeet decides to cancel his flight, since Param got saved. He wants to return to Meher. It becomes an emotional moment for Meher and Sarabjeet to unite with Param.

Meher tells Param that she will come to him soon. Kulwant doesn’t want them to worry. Sarabjeet thanks Kulwant for saving Param. Harleen tells Sarabjeet that Meher made this plan to rescue Param. She asks Sarabjeet to save Meher. Sarabjeet returns to Meher. Angel makes an evil plan to stab Meher with the scissor. Meher’s life falls in danger because of Angel. Meher gets stabbed by Angel and cries in pain.

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