Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 7th October 2020 Written Update

Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 7th October 2020 Written Update

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Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 7th October 2020 Written Update Kuhu makes an apology to Kunal, Abir and Mishti. Varsha steps in to defend her daughter. She knows that Kuhu has done wrong, but she feels Meenakshi is the one who manipulated Kuhu by showing her dreams of luxuries. Meenakshi stops Varsha from insulting her. Varsha tells them that Meenakshi never accepted Kunal as her son, which means that Kuhu isn’t her Bahu too. Meenakshi always wanted Abir’s child as the heir.

Varsha doesn’t want to support Kuhu, who felt insecurity because of Meenakshi’s brainwashing. She tells that Kuhu isn’t greedy for money, she has been raised with all luxuries in her life in Maheshwari family, but she was made insecure about Kunal because of Meenakshi’s manipulations. She tells that Kuhu just wanted Kunal to get his rights. Varsha feels Kuhu came in Meenakshi’s words, since Kuhu is very immature. She wants to take Kuhu home.

She doesn’t listen to anyone. She packs Kuhu’s bag. She doesn’t have any complains with Abir and Mishti. She assures to take care of Kuhu well. After Kuhu leaves, Kunal tells Abir that he was alone since the baby would get affected by their fights. He didn’t wish the baby to get scared. He feels Kuhu had made the deal for his sake. He regrets that fact that Kuhu always insulted Mishti and false blamed her to create a right between Abir and him.

He thinks she is much wrong. Abir tells him that Meenakshi is wrong to force Kuhu to become a surrogate. Mishti doesn’t think Kuhu is a little kid to come in her words. Abir tells that Meenakshi is good in convincing people with her words trap. He asks Kunal to get back Kuhu home. He takes a step to keep the family united. Meenakshi fills Kunal’s ears against Kuhu. She tells him that Kuhu always wanted money, she is much greedy and become a surrogate for her motives. Kunal angrily hurts himself when she insults Kuhu further.

Parul worries for her son. Meenakshi stops Parul from doing the aid. She wants to handle Kunal. She tells that she isn’t responsible behind Kuhu’s decision, Kuhu came up to her to ask for the property. Kunal asks her if she will throw Kuhu and him from the house. He wants her to take away all the property. He tells Meenakshi that he can make himself a successful business by his hardwork, talent and courage. He gets to see Meenakshi’s real face. Meenakshi finds Kunal getting distanced from her. Mishti goes to meet Kuhu. Jasmeet blocks her.

Mishti gives the medicines for Varsha. Varsha doesn’t want Kuhu to see Mishti and get upset. She wants Mishti to leave. Mishti prays for her baby. She feels helpless. Kuhu dreams of Kunal deciding to divorce her. She gets scared. Abir transfers his entire property to Kunal. Meenakshi asks Abir about his decision. Abir tells her that Kunal is also his life. Abir and Kunal get against Meenakshi. Will Meenakshi get a sense and realize her mistake? Keep reading.

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