Anupama 8th October 2020 Written Update Kavya’s obsession

Anupama 8th October 2020 Written Update Kavya's obsession

Anupama 8th October 2020 Written Update Kavya’s obsession Vanraj and Anupama visit the temple to fulfill Anupama’s mannat. They want to have a marriage registration done again on their 25th anniversary. Kavya is at the same temple, making prayers to get Vanraj. She is also happy. She goes to registration counter to fix the marriage date. She writes Vanraj and her name on the slip. She calls him up to share the good news.

Vanraj fails to hear anything because of the noise around. She sends the picture of the registration slip. He experiences the same happiness like Kavya. He is glad with the thought that Kavya will be his wife. Anupama gets happy when the flowers shower on her. She feels she is being blessed. On the contrary, Kavya faces a bad omen when she ends up getting hurt. Vanraj and Kavya have a hit and miss at the temple. Vanraj gets busy on the call, while Anupama registers her marriage. Vanraj sees the register.

He realizes Kavya has sent him the same register slip picture. He stops Anupama from seeing Kavya and his names. He tells that he will write their details. He tricks Anupama. He sees Kavya’s name and gets saved. The family plans a unique celebration for the Anupama. They want to make it a special moment for Vanraj and Anupama. Samar teases Paritosh. He asks Paritosh to invite Kinjal. Bapu ji asks Nandini to come along Kavya.


He tells that they are just like family. Paritosh teases Samar on hearing this. Samar doesn’t want Nandini to know anything. She questions them, but Samar hides it. Baa tells Bapu ji that she will celebrate 50th anniversary next year. Mama ji wants to give a bravery award to Bapu ji for tolerating Baa for 50 years. The family shares a laugh.

Later, Nandini looks for a safety pin. She finds Kavya busy. She checks Kavya’s bag to the the pin. She gets to see the sindoor, nuptial chain and the registration slip. She is shocked to read Vanraj and Kavya’s names written. Kavya comes back and gets confronted by Nandini. She reveals that its true that she is going to marry Vanraj. Nandini doesn’t want Kavya to do this and ruin Anupama’s life. She tells that the entire family is happy for Anupama.

She asks Kavya how can she cheat Anupama. Kavya wants her to support her. She reminds that Nandini was also in love and made such a mistake. Nandini tells Kavya that she was immature that time and made a mistake. She asks Kavya not to act immature. She wants Kavya to think of Anupama. She calls Vanraj and Kavya’s relation illegitimate. She wants to inform Anupama about Kavya’s madness. Kavya doesn’t let her go.

Meanwhile, Anupama is very happy to see the marriage registration slip. She gets decked up. Vanraj compliments her beauty. He tells that he is still handsome but he will feel shy if she stares. Anupama tells that she has got old, but he still looks young. He wants her to forget everything. She happily hugs him to live the moment. She tells that she will enjoy their marriage rituals. They share their marriage tensions when they were young and immature. They want to relive the good time and use this golden chance. They get a surprise from the children.

The family celebrates happily. Nandini worries for Anupama. Kavya tells her that Anupama can’t tolerate if her trust on Vanraj breaks. She scares Nandini about Anupama’s death. She doesn’t want to hurt Anupama. She tells that Anupama isn’t an independent woman to divorce Vanraj. She wants Anupama to live happy being mistaken. Anupama speaks to Devika. She shows her the ring gifted by Vanraj. She tells that Vanraj proposed her and they are going to marry once again. She is very happy. Devika asks her to always stay happy.

Kavya shows Anupama’s happiness to Nandini. She asks Nandini to dare to tell the truth to Anupama. Anupama welcomes them home. Nandini tries to warn Anupama indirectly. Kavya has no regrets, but acts to apologize. Samar is happy to see Nandini. He wonders why does she look so serious.

Anupama asks Kavya to forget their issues. Anupama and Vanraj look happy together. Anupama and Kavya are the last two finalists in the musical chair game. They both fight for the chair. While Anupama wins the round and gets the crown from Vanraj, Kavya is left jealous. Vanraj is going to marry two women on the same day at the same temple. Kavya gets obsessed to get Vanraj’s love. She wants to win over Anupama. She doesn’t want to lose him to Anupama.

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