Choti Sardarni 8th October 2020 Review update Meher Sarab union

Choti Sardarni 8th October 2020 Review update Meher Sarab union

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Choti Sardarni 8th October 2020 Review update Meher Sarab union Angel stabs Meher in anger. Meher scolds her back and removes the scissors. She tells Angel that she will teach her a lesson. Angel gets scared and shouts to her mother Martha. Meher follows her. Meher cries in pain, while scaring Angel for her life. Angel gets terrified thinking Meher is going to kill her for revenge. Sarabjeet tells that Meher has gone offline. He wants to send the doctor to aid Param.

He asks Harleen to take Param home. He rushes to see Meher at Martha’s house. Meher gets more hurt because of Angel. She threatens Angel. Angel wants Martha to come and save her from the mad servant. Meher’s plan succeeds when Angel gets on her feet. Martha gets stunned to see Angel back on her feet. Angel tells Martha that Meher attacked her. Martha yells at Meher. Sarabjeet reaches there to witness the miracle himself.

He finds Meher stained in blood. He realizes that Meher is herself attacked by Angel, she wasn’t harming Angel. He does aid to Meher’s wound. Martha learns that the servant is actually Meher. She doesn’t want to spare Meher for crossing all the limits. Sarabjeet asks Martha and Angel to self realize that Angel is walking on her own. Angel gets happy too. Martha celebrates the moment with joy.

Meher is happy that she could help Angel. Sarabjeet wants Meher to come with him. Martha is upset that they have hidden their identities from her. She wants them to meet her in the court. Meher leaves everything in God’s hand. Manav learns the good news that Param is found by the family. He gets bailed off. He wants to meet Meher. Bali asks him not to act suspicious, else he will be suspended from the job.

Manav tells him that he will work at any dhaba if he loses the job, he just wants his love along. He looks forward to see Meher. He gets emotional. On the other hand, Harleen and Kulwant feel Param is much depressed, like the trauma has affected his mind. Aditi tells them that Param needs time to overcome the trauma. They miss out Meher. They plan to make Param smile so that he forgets the sorrow.

Kulwant takes the responsibility. They try to cheer up Param. They fail in their attempt. Param stays sad. He meets Karan for whom he has left home. He shares his pain with Karan. He tells Karan that Harleen had sent Karan away from him, he wanted to come to see him and fell into the mess. Harleen decides to never send Karan away. Param cries showing his wounds to Karan. He wants to be with Karan from now until Meher and Sarabjeet come back. He laughs because of Karan. Manav goes blooming in love.

He happily buys a bouquet for Meher. He wants to make up for every sorrow and difficulty. Manav reaches Martha’s house to meet Meher. He learns that Meher and Sarabjeet have left. He gets the hotel address. He is mistaken that Sarabjeet has gone to India. Meher wants Sarabjeet to look after the children if she gets jailed. She can’t live without them. Sarabjeet confesses his feelings to Meher.

He doesn’t want her to take stress and get negative before the verdict. Meher feels love for him seeing the way he is caring for her. Manav reaches the hotel and gets her room details from the reception. He gets excited to meet her. Sarabjeet takes care of Meher’s wound.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Choti Sardarni 8th October 2020 Review update Meher Sarab union: 4/5
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