Choti Sardarni 8th October 2020 Update Upcoming twists

Choti Sardarni 8th October 2020 Update Upcoming twists

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Choti Sardarni 8th October 2020 Update Upcoming twists Manav is determined to confess love to Meher. He goes crazy in love, dancing on the streets with Meher’s dupatta. He plans to propose Meher once again. He buys a ring for her. He also gets lovely flowers to make the moment special. Manav wants to meet Meher at any cost. He gets all prepared to propose her. On the other hand, Angel falls into trouble. She gets on her feet, surprising Martha.

Sarabjeet and Meher succeed in curing Angel’s disease. They get close to change Martha’s mind by making the revelation of their real identities. Ahead in the show, there will be upcoming twists of Sarabjeet’s love proposal for Meher, which she accepts heartily. Meher has started loving Sarabjeet by forgetting Manav for once and all. Meher doesn’t imagine that Vikram can be Manav. She treasures Sarabjeet’s love and proceeds in life with him.

Sarabjeet has proved his love for Meher time to time. Sarabjeet expresses his love for Meher. The couple decides to celebrate their love happily. Meher reciprocates Sarabjeet’s love. Romance will be seen between Sarabjeet and Meher.

While the couple begins their new journey together, Manav arrives at the door with a proposal for Meher. Manav reaches the same hotel while tracking Meher. He doesn’t know that Sarabjeet has taken his place in Meher’s heart. The new promo features Sarabjeet and Meher’s romantic intimacy, which gets hindered by Manav’s shocking entry. Manav can’t tolerate Sarabjeet getting close to Meher. Will Manav really shoot down Sarabjeet? Will Manav respect Meher’s love for Sarabjeet? Keep reading for detailed update coming soon.

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