Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th October 2020 Full Update News Rrahul Sudhir's comeback

Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th October 2020 Full Update News Rrahul Sudhir’s comeback

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th October 2020 Full Update review Kabir to kill Sejal Chanchal’s room is set in fire by Kabir’s planning. Anupriya feels more proud of her son on seeing his smartness. She wants Kabir to just get the box and leave the mansion. Kabir takes the disguise of a fire guard, when the family calls the fire brigade to get the situation under control. Chanchal goes on calling for help.

Riddhima risks her life to reach her first, showing her selfless side. She doesn’t think of the box before Chanchal. Aryan and Riddhima succeed to bring out Chanchal from the room, while the fire guards take care of the fire extinguishing process. Kabir sends away Riddhima cleverly while keeping his identity a secret. Riddhima looks after Chanchal, while Kabir gets his hands on the secret box. Kabir doesn’t know that the windows got stuck.

He instructs Mishra to leave while he is just coming. Kabir fails to leave from Chanchal’s room. Anupriya gets overconfident that Kabir has saved the box and also fooled Riddhima. She begins to pass taunts to insult Riddhima for her first big failure. She makes Riddhima realize that the secret box was in Chanchal’s room, she is also aware of the fact and by now it would have got burnt to ashes. She is relieved that there is no evidence against her.

Riddhima can’t believe that Anupriya is responsible for the fire incident, leaving Chanchal so terrified. She feels Anupriya is more wicked than she expected. She wants to answer Anupriya after getting the box. She had left the box in the room itself and wishes its still intact there. Anupriya tells her that she will not find the box there now, its gone and will never be found. Riddhima takes her warning and runs to Chanchal’s room to get the box. Anupriya doesn’t think Riddhima will find out anything now.

She is confident that Kabir has fled by now. Riddhima reaches Kabir when his exit timing gets delayed. She catches him red-handed and demands him to return the box. She also wants to know his identity, since he is working for Anupriya. Kabir gets helpless to hurt her and run away. He hurts Riddhima to make an escape. Riddhima doesn’t deter and alerts Aryan about the intruder stealing something precious. Aryan doesn’t care to follow the thief, since he is more concerned for Chanchal.

Dadi is worried for Riddhima who had gone after the thief. Dadi follows them and becomes a target of Kabir. Riddhima tries hard to catch Kabir, but he outsmarts her once again. In their tussle, Kabir shoots a bullet which strikes Dadi. Riddhima realizes Dadi’s injury due to the poisoned bullet. Soon, the family rushes Dadi for treatment. Riddhima warns Anupriya against hurting any family member again. She swears to expose Anupriya’s truth to Vansh.

Later, Vansh makes a sweet lovey dovey call to Riddhima. The call brings some moments of realization for Riddhima. She starts feeling love for Vansh. She misses him badly and is tensed to admit. Vansh reads her silence and also understands her heart. Vansh and Riddhima’s romantic talk is the special moment unexpected by the show’s fans. With Vansh’s absence, the scene fills up with his powerful voice impact, amazing the fans. Riddhima wishes Vansh returns home. She wants him to complete her life. Riddhima realizes her love for Vansh.

Furthermore, Riddhima speaks to her friend Sejal, who wants to surprise Riddhima by a sudden meet. Sejal reaches Kabir’s office to get Riddhima’s address. She comes across the evil truth of Kabir. She overhears Kabir and Anupriya’s conversation about ruining Vansh and Riddhima’s life. Sejal wants to alert Riddhima, but Kabir will surely not leave her alive to reach Riddhima and expose him. Kabir has saved the box with much difficulty. He doesn’t want to take another chance to letting Sejal go to Riddhima. Will Kabir kill Sejal just like he killed the wedding planner DSR? Keep reading for more detailed updates on this shows, along with news bytes. Comment below if you think the show has started to drop the interesting plot due to Vansh’s (Rrahul Sudhir) exit.

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