Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th October 2020 Written Update Kabir in VR mansion

Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th October 2020 Written Update Kabir in VR mansion

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th October 2020 Written Update Kabir in VR mansion Kabir fears that his mission will get known to Vansh and Riddhima. He decides to burn the box. He accuses Anupriya and the stupid box which holds their memories. He tells her that he will ruin their memories so that their relationship isn’t known to anyone. He ruins the box and burns their memories. Anupriya doesn’t want her son to take any step in rage.

She feels shattered seeing the memories burning. She breaks down into tears, while Kabir stands unaffected seeing the childhood memories turning to ashes. Kabir consoles Anupriya. He apologizes to her. He tells her that he is equally in pain, but he can’t risk his future. He doesn’t want to permit Anupriya to ruin his future by holding the past secrets which could ruin his entire mission. Anupriya feels hurt seeing his indifference.

He doesn’t want Riddhima to suspect him. He reveals his plans to use Riddhima against Vansh. Sejal overhears their conversation. She learns that Kabir had used Riddhima who is an orphan. Kabir tells that Riddhima has fallen for Vansh after getting his love, but he will not leave his rights. He wants to teach her a lesson. Sejal learns that Riddhima got married to Vansh and got a new family which she deserves. She doesn’t want Kabir to hurt Riddhima.

She decides to tell Kabir’s ugly truth to Riddhima. Kabir happens to see her. He tells Anupriya that anyone who wants to die or commit suicide tries to poke their nose in his plans. He gets helpless to kill Sejal to stop her from reaching Riddhima. Sejal gets terrified to see the real face of the sweet and charming Kabir she knew. She calls Riddhima to inform her about Kabir’s truth. Sejal alerts her that her life is in danger.

She tells that Vansh and her life are the targets by her enemies. She reveals that she came to Mumbai to surprise her, but she got many surprised. She informs that someone is plotting against Vansh and Riddhima. Sejal gets kidnapped by a mysterious man, who turns out to be Aryan. Aryan and Chanchal catch Sejal before Kabir. This twist was certainly not expected. They take this step just to take revenge on Riddhima.

Aryan wanted to know the truth about Riddhima’s past life. He thinks just Sejal can reveal the secrets which will help them separate Vansh and Riddhima. He plans to end Vansh and Riddhima’s lovey dovey relationship. He tells that once Vansh knows Riddhima’s cheat, he will kill her, he will never tolerate the deceive. Aryan wants to take revenge for Riddhima’s slap. Kabir tells Anupriya that he has to find Sejal, who is a big threat for his plans. He can’t afford his plan to get ruined. Luckily, Sejal survives when Aryan kidnaps her.

Moreover, Sejal gets conscious. She wonders who is Aryan. Aryan tells her that he will free her if she answers him about Riddhima’s past. Chanchal wants to know entire story of Riddhima’s past love relation. Sejal is ready to answer them. She tells them that she has to tell Riddhima that her life is in danger. Aryan questions her. Sejal refuses to tell them anything. She can’t trust them. Aryan threatens to kill her. Riddhima gets to hear Sejal’s scream. She realizes Sejal is kept captive in VR mansion.

Chanchal wants Sejal to tell the truth and save her life. Kabir tries to track Sejal. He checks the CCTV footage. He finds Sejal getting kidnapped. He learns the attacker. He decides to reach Sejal and kill her. Riddhima informs Dadi that she has heard Sejal screaming. She wants to help Sejal. Anupriya gets glad to get this information. She rushes to inform Kabir that Sejal is in VR mansion. Aryan and Chanchal threaten Sejal to know about Riddhima’s ex-lover. Anupriya tells Kabir that Riddhima maybe mistaken.

Kabir informs that Sejal is really in VR mansion, Riddhima is smart enough to figure it out. He wants Anupriya to find out Sejal and stop their truth from coming out. Another scene brings a moment between Riddhima and Vansh through a memory. Riddhima wishes to express her feelings. She misses Vansh a lot. She plans to give him a beautiful surprise. She hears Sejal’s voice once again. Chanchal tells Aryan that Anupriya and Riddhima will suspect them. Sejal learns that she is in Vansh’s house, she can reach Riddhima some how.

Furthermore, Riddhima gets her call for help. Riddhima panics on hearing her voice again. She takes Siya’s help to find out Sejal. Kabir reaches VR mansion once again in disguise to find out Sejal and kill her. Who will win the race against time? Will Riddhima be able to save Sejal from Kabir’s deadly intentions? Keep reading.

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