Barrister Babu 12th October 2020 Written Update Bondita turns Munmun

Barrister Babu 12th October 2020 Written Update Bondita turns Munmun

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Barrister Babu 12th October 2020 Written Update Bondita turns Munmun Bondita is amazed to see the dazzling city of Kolkata. She asks the man about the place where he got her. She asks if Gandhi ji stays nearby. The man fools her that he has got her to meet Gandhi ji, she will soon know it. He misleads her. He tells her that he will really like the place.

He takes her to the brothel, where Bondita meets a mysterious lady Tara Bai. She gets more confused on meeting Tara Bai. She tells that she has come all the way to meet Gandhi ji so that her mother’s life can get saved. She finds the place occupied by odd people. Tara Bai asks Bondita to consider it as a new house. She tells that she will give her a new identity and also a new name. She names Bondita as Munmun.

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Bondita gets happy spending time with Tara Bai who tricks her by showing just the positive sides of the place. Anirudh reaches Kolkata in search of Bondita. He finds it hard to reach her in the big city. Sumati learns that Bondita’s life is in danger. She suspects her sister-in-law’s true intentions. She wants the people to get ashamed to have ruined Bondita’s life.

She feels if her life was not threatened, Bondita would have never gone far from her. Anirudh is blamed by Sumati for risking Bondita’s entire life. Bondita has entered a hell unknowingly. She doesn’t know that she is in a brothel. She feels Tara Bai is a nice lady. Tara Bai asks the women to take Bondita along and train her dance. Rasila comes back in the show. Rasila is called to groom Bondita to become an attractive dancer. Rasila will be helping Bondita and Anirudh to unite in the coming track. Anirudh swears to fight against all the odds and find Bondita. He promises to get Bondita home, no matter what happens. How will Anirudh find Bondita? Will they really meet? Keep reading.

The brothel man gets Bondita to Kolkata, while she wants to meet Gandhi ji. She troubles him asking about Gandhi ji a lot. The man gets irritated and drags her to the brothel to present her to the brothel owner Tara Bai. Tara Bai shows her rage seeing her mishandle Bondita. She doesn’t want any man to disrespect a woman in her palace. She angrily slaps him and further beats him to defend Bondita.

She tells him that she will give respect to every woman who is treated like stars in her sky. She speaks good things to instantly win Bondita’s trust. Bondita doesn’t know who is Tara and what’s her profession. Tara takes her along and treats her nicely to further get her into control. Bondita finds her a powerful woman unlike the women she has seen in her village. She introduces herself and meets more women in the brothel.

Tara finds her innocent and tricks her with ease. Bondita wants to meet Gandhi ji to take him to her village so that Sumati gets help. Tara tells him that she will take her to Gandhi ji. Bondita likes Tara’s caring side. On the other hand, Anirudh reaches the city to find Bondita. He doesn’t know how to make a start. He makes a sketch artist and takes his help to find Bondita. He describes Bondita with much love to get the perfect sketch. The artist thinks Anirudh really loves Bondita a lot since he knows her so well. Anirudh gets glad to see Bondita’s perfect sketch. He gets emotional and misses her. He thinks of her words. He wants to find her at any cost. He wishes to rectify her mistake.

Anirudh wants to find her once and apologize. He is sure to take her home with him. Bondita wants to meet him too. She misses him and recollects their moments time to time. Even Anirudh gains courage from their moments, which guide him to search her. He thanks the artist for making the missing ad for Bondita. He tells that he will easily find Bondita by using the sketches.

Moreover, Tara Bai misleads Bondita about the brothel as her heaven. She learns Bondita’s life struggles when Bondita narrates the entire incident why Anirudh had abandoned her. Bondita tells that she had come to take Gandhi ji along to solve her problem else the villagers will further humiliate her. Tara hugs her to deceive. She tells that none will insult her if she stays back. She gives a new name, Munmun to Bondita. Bondita refuses to accept the name.

She wants to be the same Bondita. Anirudh misses Bondita so much that he can’t stop talking about her. Bondita too can’t stop talking about him. Tara Bai doesn’t want Bondita to go away. She lies to her that Gandhi ji isn’t in Kolkata. She promises to take her to Gandhi ji if she stays back for a week and attends Durga puja with them. Bondita falls into her trap. She agrees to stay with Tara for a week. Tara Bai tells her that she will make her forget her roots. She wants Bondita to settle down as she guides her. Tara shows a different side to Bondita and wins her trust. Bondita recalls Anirudh and misses him more.

Tara decides to sell away Bondita to foreign clients for making more money. She takes an advantage of Bondita’s innocence. She tells Bondita that she will send her after the puja, but till then she will be serving her as host. Bondita agrees to become a guest for a week. Tara wants to cage her forever. She doesn’t want to leave Bondita alive. She tells that Bondita can go only if she dies. Anirudh searches for Bondita further. He comes across crucial information about her. How will he find her? Keep reading.

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