Kundali Bhagya 15th October 2020 Written Update Prithvi exposed

Kundali Bhagya 15th October 2020 Written Update Prithvi exposed

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Kundali Bhagya 15th October 2020 Written Update Prithvi compels Preeta Janki tells Shrishti that she has recalled Prithvi’s truth. Pawan asks her if she knows Sherlyn. He thinks she has gone mad. He wants her not to say anything wrong about his brother. Janki tells that Prithvi is also a Raavan like him. Pawan is glad to know it. Preeta stops Prithvi from hurting her. Prithvi tells that she always amazes him. She warns him to not try hurting her again.

She tells that he has lost his respect by showing his true face. She regards him a goon. She tells that Karan was right, he already told her not to trust Prithvi. He tells her that he will not let her go, he is in her fate. He tells that she will gradually love him with time once they get married. She tells him that she has already married Karan. She beats him with a curtain rod. He asks her to stop it. Pawan rushes to his rescue on hearing him shout.

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Janki tells Shrishti that Preeta will need their help. The pandit runs away. Prithvi asks Preeta to stop beating him, he will not tolerate it again. He forgives her. She asks him to just stay away. She attacks on his leg to injure him. Pawan finds him hurt. Preeta tries to run away. Prithvi asks him to stop Preeta. Preeta locks the door. Janki meets Preeta and tells that she has got her memory back, she remembers about the attack on her. She tells them about a secret she got to know. Shrishti asks the secret.

Janki tells that Prithvi and Sherlyn have an affair, they tried to kill her to stop the secret from coming out. She reveals about their evil actions. Preeta can’t believe Prithvi’s real face. She promises Janki that she will punish Prithvi. They try to escape from Pawan’s house. Mahira tells Sherlyn that she wants Karan, but he doesn’t love her. Sherlyn asks her to take her help. Sherlyn makes a plan to help her. Mahira doesn’t want to take help.

Sherlyn assures that her mom can help them. She tells that Karan and Preeta are blindly in love, none can separate them once they meet. She remarks that Mahira will be left incomplete if she loses Karan. Pawan fails to break the door. Prithvi is in pain. Pawan tells that Karan would have beaten him as well, if he was here with Preeta. Prithvi still wants to marry Preeta. He tells that he loves Preeta and got beaten up intentionally.

Pawan tells that Preeta has locked them and ran out. He feels Preeta has made fun of them. Prithvi tells that they will try to break the door together. Pawan asks his goons to open the door. Preeta, Janki and Shrishti try to run away and reach Luthra house. The goons break the door. They tell Prithvi that they didn’t see Preeta.

Prithvi realizes that Preeta has escaped. He wants the goons to find Preeta. Preeta finds a car left open for them. Prithvi asks his goons to catch Janki. Janki throws stones at him in anger. Preeta asks her to sit fast. Mahira asks Sanjana to help her. She pleads to Sanjana.

Ramona doesn’t think Kareena will listen to Sanjana. Sherlyn tells that Kareena will definitely listen to Sanjana. She asks Sanjana to talk to Kareena about Karan and Mahira’s marriage. Sanjana accepts Mahira’s apology. She tells that she will convince Kareena, just like she convinced her for Rishabh and Sherlyn’s marriage. Sherlyn doesn’t love Rishabh, who ruined Prithvi and her relation. She just wants revenge on him. Pawan gets Preeta at gun point. He asks her to marry Prithvi else die. Prithvi wants to snatch Preeta from Karan. Preeta agrees to die than marrying Prithvi.

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