Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2020 Written Update Abhigya meet

Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2020 Written Update Abhigya meet

Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2020 Written Update Abhigya meet Abhi meets Vikram and gets to find him in a jolly mood. Pallavi gets snacks for them. Abhi is in a serious mood even when Vikram and Pallavi crack jokes. They ask Abhi about the matter. Abhi wants to talk to them about Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage.

Abhi tells Vikram that he wants to break his friendship with him. Vikram gets worried. Abhi tells that he wants to make a new relation with him by getting their children married. Vikram gets happy to know about the alliance. Abhi tells that they are business partners, their children can become life partners. He thinks Rhea loves Ranbir and even Ranbir loves her. Pallavi tells that she knew it already, Ranbir loves Rhea. Dida thinks Ranbir likes Prachi. She doesn’t care if Ranbir likes Rhea, since Rhea is family.

Vikram is happy to break friendship with Abhi and turn him into Samdhi ji. Abhi hugs Vikram when Kohlis accept the alliance. Abhi gets glad. He knew that Vikram will never deny him. Abhi tells that he will talk to Rhea and give her the good news. Vikram wants to inform Ranbir about the alliance. Ranbir tells that he is missing his dad.

Pallavi asks Vikram to tell Ranbir about the alliance. Ranbir gets into a misunderstanding. Vikram asks him to come home soon. He wants to break the news to Ranbir face to face. He tells that Ranbir has already heard everything on the call. Ranbir too wants to talk to them. He wants to tell them that he is ready for marriage, he loves Prachi and wants to marry her. He tells Vikram that its his yes.

Vikram is glad that Ranbir has agreed. He tells that Ranbir is more desperate. Vikram tells that they will have a celebration. Kohlis happily dance. On the other hand. Rhea is much upset after losing Ranbir to Prachi. Abhi doesn’t find her at home. He calls her to give the good news. Rhea sheds tears of sorrow. She tells Abhi that she loves him a lot. Abhi wants to tell her about her alliance with Ranbir.

He tells that she will marry Ranbir, as he spoke to his parents. Rhea fails to hear him. He is so happy for her. She doesn’t know what he said. She is worried after bearing the hatred from Ranbir. She thinks he will never accept her. She tries to take her life. A lady finds her committing suicide and tries to stop her. Pragya is worried for Rhea. She thinks its not possible that Rhea knows about her daughter. She tries to know her connection. She thinks she had told Rhea about her other daughter.

She wishes she was with her other daughter. She knows that she can’t defy her fate. She regards Rhea as her daughter. She wants to solve her problem. She wants to meet Rhea’s dad to inform him that Rhea is lonely and depressed.

She feels he should give some time to Rhea and end her depression. Ranbir meets Pragya and gives a good news. He tells that his parents have also give their nod for his marriage. This brings celebrations in Prachi’s house. Ranbir makes a leave. Pragya congratulates Prachi. Prachi wants to meet Kohlis.

Pragya thinks to meet Rhea’s dad later. Rhea comes home after the people don’t let her commit suicide. She doesn’t want to answer Pragya’s calls. There will be a big twist when Abhi and Pragya come face to face. The big twist comes when Abhi realizes that Prachi is his daughter, and Pragya realizes that Rhea is her daughter. The daughters will bring Abhi and Pragya together again.

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