Pinjara Indiawali Maa Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming spoilers

Pinjara Indiawali Maa Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming spoilers

Pinjara Indiawali Maa Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming spoilers Amber and Guneet finally get married. They take the wedding rounds, having much feelings of excitement in their hearts. Amber gets emotional. Guneet weeps out of happiness seeing the sindoor and nuptial chain. She had always dreamt of a happy marriage. She found love in Amber. She hopes to have an amazing marital life with Amber. Amber pacifies her. Dolly’s dream to see Guneet married gets fulfilled. Pandit asks the couple to take blessings from the elders since the marriage has got completed.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Omkar bursts out his anger when he sees Mayura with Piyush. Megha has filled his ears against Mayura. He finds Mayura and Piyush getting closer. Omkar shouts on Megha when she tries to provoke him further. He tells that he doesn’t want to hear anything against his wife. He asks Megha to stop poisoning his mind. He finds Mayura and Piyush closer again and is irked. Mayura tells that drama company guys isn’t coming for the play. She decides to play the Shiv Parvati love story with Piyush. Omkar gets disturbed watching them together.

Indiawali Maa:

Rohan is very happy that he got a chance to do a new business. He hides the business deal details from Kaku. He tells Kaku that the business deal got signed on her name. He asks her to sign the papers. Kaku and Cheenu get too happy. Kaku wants him to pay off the debts soon. She signs the papers. Kaku will be falling in a big mess while saving Rohan from the mess. She doesn’t know that Rohan is unknowingly involving her in an illegal business. Kaku hugs Rohan and Cheenu. She wishes their child gets a good future. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.

Ishq Mein Marjawan:

Anupriya and Chanchal conspire to hurt Riddhima and lay a nail patch on the floor. Riddhima gets injured after a romantic dance with Vansh. Riddhima becomes their target again. Vansh runs to Riddhima’s rescue on seeing her injured.


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