Anupama 22nd October 2020 Written Update Traumatic truth

Anupama 22nd October 2020 Written Update Traumatic truth

Anupama 22nd October 2020 Written Update Traumatic truth Vanraj gets worried for Anupama. Kavya tells him that maybe Anupama had seen them together. He asks Kavya to get out before anything else gets ruined. He tells that he can handle his wife. He makes Kavya leave at once. Kavya doesn’t understand how to react in such a situation, which she herself created by unlocking the door. She really wanted someone to witness Vanraj and her togetherness so that her relationship is no longer hidden.

Kavya runs in a way that a scene gets created by Rakhi. Vanraj is terrified when Anupama doesn’t responds. Baa wants to see Vanraj and Anupama. Devika goes to check on her. Kavya doesn’t want Anupama to suffer. She doesn’t know what step will Anupama take on getting conscious. Vanraj gets a back ache while taking care of Anupama. Devika finds Kavya rushing away. She doesn’t understand anything.

Vanraj tries to get Anupama conscious. Kavya hides from everyone and leaves. Rakhi catches her to know what wrong did she do. Kavya doesn’t want to answer her. Rakhi suspects Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. Kavya runs out of the house. Rakhi wants entertainment. She thinks she will be finding a reason to break Kinjal and Paritosh’s engagement. Devika is shocked to see Anupama unconscious. Vanraj takes her help unwillingly.

He didn’t wish Devika to see it. Devika questions him about Anupama’s condition. Vanrah warns her against shouting. Devika tells him that she has seen Kavya running away. She suspects him. She demands him to say the truth. Vanraj defends himself. Nandini finds Kavya running and stops her. She lectures Kavya. She wants to know what had happened. Nandini learns about Anupama.

Devika shouts to the entire family to call them for Anupama’s help. The family runs to see Anupama. Nandini suspects Kavya. Rakhi gets glad that her wish got fulfilled. She is more than happy to see the family drama. The family worries for Anupama. Vanraj didn’t wish the family to know anything. They question Vanraj about her condition. He fears that his truth will come out. Baa questions him.

Devika tells that she doesn’t know anything, just Vanraj can tell them the truth. Sanjay and Paritosh suspect Vanraj. Kavya reaches her home and is in shock. She fears for Vanraj’s family knowing the truth. Samar asks Vanraj if he shouted on Anupama and troubled her. Vanraj wants Samar to stay in limits. Paritosh asks him to answer what had happened to Anupama. Baa tells that maybe Anupama got exhausted and fainted.

Samar and Devika feel Vanraj is hiding something. Rakhi enjoys the drama. Everyone demands to know the truth. Vanraj gets questioned. Even his parents lose his cool on his silence. Vanraj tells them that he didn’t scold Anupama or hurt her, she fainted on her own. He cooks up a story. He tells that it was unexpected for him to see her unconscious at the door. He doesn’t want them to suspect him. The children break down and pray for Anupama’s recovery. Kavya is also seen in guilt.

Sanjay arranges a doctor for Anupama. Doctor examines Anupama while the family is restless. Doctor tells them about Anupama’s high BP. She assures that Anupama will be recovering, but needs to be monitored. She tells them that the BP shoots up if a person gets a big shock. Samar demands Vanraj to answer why Anupama got a shock. Vanraj lies that he doesn’t know anything. Samar doesn’t want to leave Anupama.

Devika asks them to leave. She wants to be with Anupama. Kavya gets upset thinking Vanraj would be questioned badly by his entire family. Rakhi waits for the truth to come out. She understands that Anupama has seen Vanraj and Kavya together. Vanraj also sheds tears for Anupama. Devika knows that Anupama’s trust might have got shattered, which resulted in this trauma. Rakhi wants to leave.

Kinjal tells that she will stay back to help the family. Rakhi feels Kinjal is really foolish. Kinjal supports the family. Baa wants Anupama to get fine. The family wants to know the actual matter. Devika gets Kavya’s earring and understands that Anupama has seen Vanraj’s deceive. Devika feels sad for Anupama. Anupama gains consciousness and confronts Vanraj for his deceive.

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  1. Anupama is a remake of popular bangla TV show shreemoyee,with some scene alterations.These alterations are desirable to keep some original flavour….but was it necessary to expose the relationship between vanraaj and kavya in front of Anupama in such an obscene way….it could be an implied one.And how can Anupama be so naive not to suspect!!!!
    Physicality could have been avoided…..I deliberately avoided yesterday’s episode….

    Hope the plot moves faster now….the way it has done till now.
    Good luck to team Anupama…


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