Anupama 26th October 2020 Written Update Anupama’s decision

Anupama 12th November 2020 Written Update Anupama celebrates success

Anupama 26th October 2020 Written Update Anupama’s decision Anupama gets conscious at night and leaves from the room. She finds everyone sleeping. She recalls the marriage conducted in the house. She sees Vanraj and her name written there. She breaks down. She recalls that she has seen Vanraj and Kavya intimate. She reaches the mandap where she took the wedding rounds with Vanraj. She stumbles there. She realizes that the wedding is wrong. She lights the havan kund again.

She removes the nuptial chain to put into the fire. She isn’t in senses. Devika reaches her and is shocked to see her act. She stops her from burning herself more. She takes Devika with her. She finds Anupama feeling suffocated. She asks Anupama to speak up. Vanraj wakes up because of his back ache. He misses Anupama.

He recalls that so much shattered because of his mistake. He wants to stop Anupama from saying anything to the family. Kavya doesn’t sleep. She wants to know about Anupama. She lacks courage to see Anupama. Devika gets Anupama to their old place and wants her to vent out her frustration. She asks Anupama to just speak out. Anupama tries to run away. Devika stops her and gets her to senses by a slap. Anupama breaks down. She admits that she gave her 25 years to the marriage, the relation with Vanraj was fake, the relation broke and she was being foolish to blindly trust him.

She tells that she left all her dreams when she married Vanraj, she regarded him God and worshipped him. She feels foolish that she trusted Vanraj so much. She wanted to be a good wife for Vanraj. She didn’t see that he isn’t a good husband. Vanraj always said that she isn’t suitable for him. She feels he isn’t suitable for her. She recalls that he regretted their marriage. She wished that she got to see the truth when he spoke it out in anger. She feels she has lived a lot for others. She wants to live for herself now.

She hopes the new morning brings new hopes and a new start for her. She realizes that the darkness has subsided, her eyes have got wide open to see Vanraj’s ugly truth. She goes to get her answers from Vanraj. She prays to the Goddess to have courage when she faces Vanraj. She declares that she has the sole right to decide on her marriage, when her husband broke her heart and relation by cheating on her.

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