Anupama 28th October 2020 Written Update Anupama's decision

Anupama 28th October 2020 Written Update Anupama’s decision

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Anupama 28th October 2020 Written Update Anupama’s decision Pakhi informs Vanraj that Anupama is fine, she is coming to meet him. Vanraj is worried to see Anupama’s anger in her eyes. Anupama sends her children out. She stares at Vanraj and questions him. She asks him to answer her. He tries to fool her. He tells that he wants to explain her the truth. She tells that she wants to know if he loves Kavya, if he really wanted to marry Kavya. He wants to explain her calmly. She tells him that he has given her place to Kavya.

She doesn’t want to lose senses again. She tells that she has come to senses now, she had trusted him since 25 years, she was wrong. He tries to lie and win her trust. He asks her for a chance to explain. She taunts him. She tells that she will not come in his words now. He asks if she wants him to plead. He tells that he didn’t commit any sin. She wants her answer. He tells that he was so worried for her, he had backache all night, she is still doubting him.

He calls everything an accident, since he was helping Kavya, who fell down. He tries to convince her with the story. Anupama doesn’t listen to him. She gets emotional seeing the picture. He agrees to tell her the truth. He tells that Kavya was emotionally weak after having differences with Anirudh. He admits that he had an affair with Kavya, but ended everything since his family is important to him. He tells the same story which he told to Paritosh.

He tells that Kavya was mad to force him for marriage, he didn’t mean to cheat him. He asks Anupama to ask Paritosh about it. He tells that she can trust her son. He tells that Paritosh stopped him from telling about this relation, since it was all over. Anupama tells that his love drama was fake. She questions his feelings. She knows that he had proposed her just to cover up his affair.

She tells that Paritosh maybe convinced by his story, but she won’t. She doesn’t want to forgive him. She asks him if he would forgive her if she had an affair. He turns angry. She tells that he has lost his identity and existence in her life. He wants to end the matter. He asks her if she will divorce him. She tells that she will decide about her life. She wants to take the decision solely. She removes the nuptial chain.

She doesn’t trust him anymore. She doesn’t want to ruin the family’s happiness by telling his truth. She asks him to tell his truth to his parents. He asks her where would she go if she leaves the house. She tells him that the family is her world, she will not leave the house. She tells that its her house, not just his house. She wants to stand for her self esteem. She doesn’t listen to him. She turns strong. She goes away from him. She looks for Paritosh. She meets her mum and brother, who pray for her at the temple.

Anupama tells that she got fine soon because of her prayers. Her mum questions about her nuptial chain. Anupama lies that everything is fine between Vanraj and her. She asks her mum how did she manage her life after her husband’s loss. Her mum tell that she got strength to manage her children. She blesses Anupama to always be a strong mother. Anupama can’t tell her that Vanraj isn’t with her. Anupama wants to stay away from Vanraj and leaves the room. Vanraj’s truth is going to come out.

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