Kumkum Bhagya 29th October 2020 Written Update Abhi gets brainwashed

Kumkum Bhagya 29th October 2020 Written Update Abhi gets brainwashed

Kumkum Bhagya 29th October 2020 Written Update Abhi gets brainwashed Abhi calls it enough when Aaliya accuses Pragya further. Aaliya tells so wrong things that Pragya breaks down. Pragya wants to defend herself, but falls in Aaliya’s trap of words. Aaliya tells that she has equal right on Rhea, she will not shut up when its about Rhea. She tells that she loves Rhea as her own daughter. She doesn’t want Abhi to stop her now. She asks security to send Pragya out.

Abhi asks Aaliya to stop her madness. Aaliya wants Pragya to leave from their lives. She tells that she has handled the family with difficulty. She wants Pragya to spare them. Pragya doesn’t want to leave Rhea. Aaliya tells that Rhea hates her. She wants Pragya to go back with Prachi, if she loves Rhea. She doesn’t want Pragya to burn Rhea with her hatred. Abhi raises his hand on Aaliya’s madness. Pragya stops Abhi.

Aaliya fumes at Pragya who is the reason for all the disasters in their lives. She asks Pragya to leave if she loves Rhea. She tells that Rhea is nearly dying. She wants Pragya to spare Rhea forever. She pleads to Pragya. She tells that Abhi and Pragya aren’t destined to be together. She wants them to stay away if they want to keep their daughters safe. She asks the price for Rhea’s upbringing. Abhi doesn’t want Aaliya to manipulate Pragya. He tells that Pragya will not leave. He warns Aaliya.

Aaliya thinks she has won, since Pragya is leaving. Pragya leaves silently, agreeing to Aaliya’s words. Security makes Pragya out and shuts the gate, while Abhi is busy arguing with his sister. Pragya misses Rhea. She breaks down thinking of Aaliya’s accusations. Abhi looks for Pragya. Aaliya asks him to let her go. He doesn’t want to let Pragya leave. He wants Aaliya to remember her limits. She tells that Rhea hates Prachi and Pragya. She wants him to let them stay away. She asks her how did she lie.

She tells that Pragya would have known about Rhea, who is a star kid. He tells that even he didn’t know that Prachi is Pragya’s daughter. She tries to prove Pragya wrong in his eyes. She tells that Pragya was taking revenge on him for Kiara’s death. She tells that she still blames him for the disaster. Abhi finds her talks disgusting. She tells that Pragya wanted to take revenge. She brainwashes Abhi against Pragya. On the other hand, Ranbir tells that things can get fine if Rhea frees him from the bond. He wants to convince Rhea so that she understands that he doesn’t love her. He tells Aryan that his plan will work. He thanks Aryan for his support.

Abhi wants Aaliya to leave him alone. She tells that Pragya chose Prachi when she knew the differences and hatred between her daughters. Abhi gets brainwashed by Aaliya. Pragya cries and tries to inform Prachi that Rhea is her daughter. She goes to the hospital to see her daughter Rhea. He wants to know where is Pragya. He learns that Pragya had left. He thinks Pragya is soft-hearted and couldn’t tolerate the sharp blames.

Pragya weeps on the way. The taxi driver asks her the matter. She tells that she is going to meet her daughter after 20 years. He finds it odd that she didn’t meet her daughter since the last 20 years. She tells that she didn’t know her daughter’s identity. Prachi is worried for Pragya. She thinks Pragya is in some problem. Sarita stops Prachi from leaving. Rhea wants to go home. Nurse asks her to take rest. She injects Rhea and asks her to sleep for some time.

Moreover, Pragya reaches Rhea and finds her sleeping. She feels shattered. She loves Rhea a lot. She gets emotional thinking of Rhea’s insecurity. She feels sorry to leave her daughter alone. She hopes Rhea forgives her. Abhi wants to find Pragya. He wants to meet Prachi and tell her that she can call him dad now. She regrets his bitter words to Prachi. He wants to see Prachi’s happiness on her face when he tells her the truth that he is her dad. He goes to Pragya’s house. He meets Prachi, who apologizes to him for hurting his heart. He also apologizes to her.

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  1. Abhi I think and must silence him .. Well a little fed up that the role of aliya is such a hold on the life of abhi and rhea .. Damn you are the man .. Stop being mediocre and weak in front of your sister .. Pragya opens your mouth for once and silences it stop criticism and belittling .. Until when should we put up with her .. Tired of this woman .. Besides, she is one of the worst actress of zee . TV .. Anyway


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