Anupama 30th October 2020 Written Update Vanraj is questioned

Anupama 30th October 2020 Written Update Vanraj is questioned

Anupama 30th October 2020 Written Update Vanraj is questioned Kinjal meets Paritosh and asks him about Anupama’s condition. She asks Paritosh about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. She asks why didn’t he tell her before. He tells that there is nothing left between them now. He admits that Vanraj has told him the truth himself, since he is innocent. He feels his dad isn’t wrong. He tells that Kavya is after Vanraj being obsessed for him. She asks him to warn Kavya to stay away. She is also worried for Anupama’s future.

Paritosh tells her that Anupama fainted after seeing Kavya with Vanraj. He tells that Anupama is misunderstanding Vanraj. He tells that there is no such affair now. She doesn’t believe him. She thinks Vanraj has fooled Paritosh. She tells that Kavya was there in every function, which means Vanraj was lying, he still has an affair with her. Paritosh tells her that Vanraj isn’t lying, he didn’t go to marry Kavya at the temple.

Kinjal is shocked to know that Vanraj was marrying Kavya. She tells that Vanraj has just fooled him by a story. He tells that he will believe his dad. She asks him to understand Anupama’s feelings. He tells that Vanraj was going to tell everything to Anupama. She tells that he is innocent, while his dad is clever to lie to him. She asks him to support his mother, else he will also follow his father. Samar overhears their conversation.

He learns about Vanraj’s affair. He is broken apart. Meanwhile, Kavya decides to leave Nandini’s house. Kavya is scared to face Anupama. Nandini asks Kavya why isn’t she telling the truth to everyone. Kavya stops Nandini from taunting her. She is worried for her life’s troubles. Vanraj calls Kavya. He is glad that she is leaving. He tells that he can come to meet her at her home. He wants her to go home. Kavya is happy. He tells that Anupama is giving him stress. She asks him to free Anupama from their marriage. He doesn’t think of divorcing Anupama.

He is troubled. Kavya leaves from the house. Anupama watches her. Kavya feels nervous on facing her. Paritosh fears Samar’s anger. Samar reaches Vanraj to reprimand him for his actions. Vanraj faces his wrath. Samar doesn’t want to believe him. He realizes that Vanraj was making a story to fool Paritosh. He tells that Anupama is selfless, while Vanraj is shameless.

He shows the big difference between his parents. Vanraj angrily holds his collar. He stops Samar. Samar tells that Vanraj is a big loser to lose Anupama’s true love. He asks Vanraj why did he cheat Anupama. He tells that Anupama would have left from his life if he expressed his wish to marry Kavya. He snatches Vanraj’s rights of a father. He doesn’t want Vanraj to call him son again. He wants to return all the pain to Vanraj. He wants Vanraj to realize that he will lose his children. He is ashamed to call Vanraj his dad.

He insults Vanraj in rage. Vanraj is shaken to hear his speech. Samar cries a lot thinking of Anupama. He goes to meet Anupama to do a son’s duty. He wants to help Anupama. Baa wants to find the reason for Anupama’s silence. She asks Vanraj about Kavya, who didn’t visit them after marriage. Devika tells Baa that Kavya isn’t sick, Vanraj can answer them about Kavya’s absence. Baa suspects Kavya’s involvement in Anupama’s matter. Vanraj lies that Kavya had called to ask about Anupama. He tells that Kavya didn’t come since its their family matter. He wants to go to meet Kavya on excuse of his work. Samar cheers up Anupama and gives her courage. Vanraj remembers Anupama’s words. He wants to get the situation in his control.

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