Yeh Rishta 31st October 2020 Written Update Kairav’s biggest mistake

Yeh Rishta 31st October 2020 Written Update Kairav's biggest mistake

Yeh Rishta 31st October 2020 Written Update Kairav’s biggest mistake Kartik and Naira get applauded by the school official for raising Krishna so well that the girl’s talent is encouraged. The lady praises Krishna’s immense talent and dedication. She likes Krishna’s performance the most. She tells that the all the kids performed well, but Krishna was the best. Kartik and Naira are glad that Krishna made them proud. They tell the lady that Krishna has always surprised them by her amazing deeds.

They don’t want Krishna to underestimate herself. Kairav gets to hear the good things being spoken about Krishna. He feels bad that he isn’t praised by his parents. He hates Krishna for snatching his parents. He wants Krishna to go back from where she had come. He develops much anger in his heart which makes him blind. He makes a plan to risk his own sister to make Krishna blamed by the family.

He thinks once the baby goes missing, Krishna will be blamed and then thrown out of the Goenka mansion. He shares his insecurities with his brothers. Krish and Vansh are ready to support him. Kairav shares his evil plan. They find it risky for the baby’s life, but agree for Kairav’s sake. Kairav promises to not invite any risk for his sister. He gets overconfident that he will keep hos sister safe.

He tells them that once Dadi learns about Krishna’s carelessness, she will not waste a second and throw out Krishna. He wants to become a hero in everyone’s eyes by taking the baby to them as the savior. Vansh works out Kairav’s plan by misleading Krishna. He sends Krishna to Dadi. This gives him time to take away the baby to Kairav. Krishna ends up getting reprimanded by Dadi.

Also, Kartik and Naira misunderstand Krishna and correct her. Krishna fails to tell them that Vansh lied to her. Kartik and Naira stay engaged in planning another award ceremony for the kids so that the kids doesn’t get disheartened. They want all the kids to feel special. Naira dislikes Dadi’s idea of awarding only the winner. She tells Kartik that the other kids will think they are losers and may not participate next time.

Kartik likes her idea of prize distribution to have a fair game. Krishna gets worried on finding the baby missing. Kairav gets day dreaming that Krishna will get rebuked by the entire family for losing the baby. He dreams that he will become baby’s savior and win praises from the family. He wishes his dream to come true. Krishna informs Naira that she lost the baby. Naira gets worried for a moment.

She assumes that Surekha is handling the baby. She doesn’t see that Surekha is consoling Gayu’s son. Krishna also thinks that Surekha has the baby with her. She gets relieved that she didn’t lose the baby anywhere. Dadi and Manish call the kids for the winner’s trophy. They decide it before that they will be giving the winner’s trophy to Kairav. Kairav stops the workers from taking the carton in which he has hidden his baby sister. He makes sure that his sister is safe.

Vansh asks him to leave the baby for some time and receive the award, else his disappearance will make the elders doubt him. Kairav doesn’t want to get caught. He goes to receive the special award from Dadi. Kairav gets wishes from the family. He gets much happy. He doesn’t know the unexpected outcome of his plan. The workers take the carton by mistake. The baby goes far from the house, while Kairav enjoys his time with family. Kartik and Naira stay mistaken that the baby is with the family. They go to announce some special awards for the kids who didn’t become winners.

They give awards to all the kids to keep their heart. The family likes Kartik and Naira’s way to handle the disappointed kids. Later, Kairav finds the baby missing. He panics on seeing the carton taken in the truck. He runs after the truck and goes far from the house. Kartik and Naira find both their children missing. They question Krish and Vansh about Kairav and the baby. They want to know where did Kairav go. Krish gets tensed to reveal Kairav’s evil plan, knowing he will also be blamed for being Kairav’s crime partner. What will Kartik and Naira do when they know Kairav’s huge mistake? Will they be able to save their baby in time? Keep reading.

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