Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd November 2020 Written Update Shocking revelation for Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd November 2020 Written Update Shocking revelation for Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd November 2020 Written Update Shocking revelation for Rudra Yuvraj tells Rahul that he will pray for Neerja’s recovery. Rahul reveals that Neerja is recovering all thanks to Prisha. Yuvraj wonders how did Neerja get saved after he had hit her down by his car. He doesn’t want Neerja to reveal anything to Prisha. Rahul tells him that he should be happy. Yuvraj fakes happiness. Rahul is thankful to Prisha. Yuvraj gets tired hearing him praise Neerja. Rahul feels guilty.

He thinks of telling the truth to Rudraksh and Prisha. He doesn’t want to wrong their lives. Yuvraj gets worried. He finds Rahul going mad in his emotions. Meanwhile, hotel manager sends the cctv footage to Ahana. She wants to find out Kirti’s murderer. Yuvraj doesn’t want Rahul to finish his story. He asks Rahul is he going to tell the truth to Prisha. Rahul tells that he has called Prisha. Yuvraj tells that he will come to meet Neerja.

He wants to stop Neerja and Rahul. Ahana and Mishka check the cctv footage and find it incomplete. They threaten the manager to get the complete footage. Prisha takes Rudra to the hospital. Rudra asks her if she wants him to meet Rahul. She shows him Neerja. She tells that Neerja is reacting when she talks to her. She tells that she wants Neerja to recover. Rudra learns about Neerja.

Prisha reminds Neerja that they wanted to show a proof to Rudra when she met with an accident. Neerja reacts to her words. Prisha tells that she wants Neerja to come out of coma. Yuvraj wants to play a drama to anger Rudra. Rudra stops Yuvraj from going to Prisha. He warns Yuvraj. They get into an argument. Yuvraj tells that he loves Prisha. Rudra tells Prisha that her lover has come on the same time, which proves her cheat. He accuses that she is meeting her lover by taking Neerja’s name. Prisha reprimands Yuvraj for lying to Rudra and making things tough for her. Yuvraj admits that he lied to Rudra.

The police reaches Khurana house. Balraj is angry that police is troubling so much. The inspector gets court permissions to get their DNA samples. He tells that they can find the murderer by the DNA test. Balraj gets helpless to obey the orders. He tells that none of the family is wrong. Rudra and others give the blood and DNA samples.

Yuvraj asks Rahul not to help Rudra. Rahul tells that his money can’t save his wife, he is thankful to Prisha and want to tell her the truth. Yuvraj wants to kill Rahul. Prisha looks for Sharda, who isn’t feeling well. Prisha wants to know about Sharda. Sharda feels guilty. She is much worried. She can’t fix anything for herself.

Sharda confesses her crime to Prisha that her DNA will match with the murderer’s, since she has killed Kirti. Prisha wants to save Sharda. Ahead in the show, there will be a shocking revelation for Rudraksh. He learns that Saransh isn’t Prisha’s real son. Everyone thought that Prisha is Saransh’s child. Rudra wants to find out who are the real parents of Saransh. The police was investigation Kirti’s murderer. The police was taking the blood samples and other tests to find out the murderer. But, Rudraksh finds out the DNA test reports from the lab. He learns that Prisha and Saransh’s DNA doesn’t match. Doctor tells that Prisha can’t be Saransh’s mother, its impossible, there is no match between the DNA.

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