Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th November 2020 Written Update Ragini is in danger

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th November 2020 Written Update Ragini is in danger

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th November 2020 Written Update Ragini is in danger Riddhima is hell bent to save Ragini at any cost. She can’t let any barriers stop her. She finds Vansh’s new aide Ishani helping him in his plans to keep her locked at home. Ishani follows Vansh’s orders and locks the house to cage Riddhima. Vansh doesn’t want Riddhima to step out of the house.

Riddhima has a backup plan ready to leave the house by tricking everyone. She takes an advantage of the disguise to leave the house. Kabir picks Riddhima from her house. Riddhima makes an easy exit by cheating everyone. Vansh and Angre want to reach Ragini before anyone else. Vansh has to get the crucial information from Ragini. He doesn’t mean to harm her even after getting the information.

He wants to end the chapter so that she is no longer a part of his life. Riddhima misunderstands his words. She makes a big mistake to take the killer along, Kabir. She doesn’t know that Kabir is the actual mastermind behind the attack on Ragini. Kabir wants to kill Ragini and stop his truth from coming out in front of Vansh and Riddhima. Riddhima loses faith on Vansh because of his rough ways to handle her.

She tells Kabir that Vansh had drugged her to limit her mobility. Kabir knows how dangerous can Vansh get when someone cheats him. Vansh tells Angre that they will be reaching in two hours. Riddhima knows the route of the new place. She tells Kabir that they need to find a shortcut to reach there before Vansh. Kabir likes the flame in her. She wants to save Ragini without caring for anything else. Kabir plans to get Ragini with him, by tricking Riddhima. Vansh’s car breaks down by Kabir’s plan. Vansh gets worried. He leaves Angre to check the car.

He can’t waste time being stuck midway. Vansh runs to cross the way in time. Vansh is seen madly running to reach Ragini, while Riddhima and Kabir become the first people to reach the place. Who will meet Ragini first? Will Vansh be able to save Ragini from Kabir’s deadly plan? Will Riddhima realize Vansh’s intentions? Keep reading.

Anupriya helps Riddhima in tricking Ishani and leaving. Ishani doesn’t see Riddhima. Anupriya informs Kabir that Riddhima is smart enough to leave from some other way. Kabir wants to get Ragini. She tells that they failed in their work before, but not this time. Riddhima wants to go out through the basement way. She gets attacked by Vansh’s mysterious aide. Riddhima gains consciousness. She finds Dadi, Siya and Ishani with her. Dadi wants to know why did Riddhima go towards the basement.

Ishani warns Riddhima that she will inform Vansh. Dadi asks Riddhima to have juice and take rest. Riddhima knows that many people are involved with Vansh in Ragini’s matter. She tries to get rid of everyone. She complains about her illness. Dadi decides to call the doctor. Anupriya informs Kabir that Riddhoma is still in her room, which means the plan will fail. Riddhima is sure that she will reach Ragini before Vansh and save her life.

Anupriya tells Kabir that Riddhima has high fever and is resting in her room. Kabir doesn’t think that Riddhima is weak. He sings Riddhima’s praise who is much determined. She thinks their mission is going to fail, since Vansh will reach Ragini in some time. She doesn’t want Ragini to tell Vansh the truth. She can’t control Vansh. She tells that their truth can come out and then their lives will be in danger. He wants her to relax. He wants to know Riddhima’s plan. Dadi calls the doctor for Riddhima.

Riddhima feels sorry to hurt someone, but she has to save an innocent life. She attacks the nurse to get the disguise and leave. She recalls her plans of breaking down Vansh’s car. Vansh’s car really breaks down and leaves him in tension. She calls Kabir and informs him that she is leaving from VR mansion. Kabir loves Riddhima for being so loyal to him. He is so proud of her that she will be ruining Vansh’s world now. Riddhima feels sorry to Vansh. She can’t let him kill anyone. She imagines Kabir and Vansh, who test her. Kabir tells her that she has to do her duty. Vansh reminds her love for which she should forget her duty. Kabir tells that her character will be tested, she has to choose her duty.

Vansh tells that duty doesn’t matter in front of love. She gets into a big dilemma. Its a decision time for her. She chooses duty over love. She can’t choose Vansh at this time. She wants justice for Ragini. Vansh wants Angre to fix the car as soon as possible. He can’t waste time. He fails to arrange another car. Riddhima leaves from the mansion. She acts calm so that no one doubts her. Anupriya wonders where is Riddhima. She notices Riddhima in the disguise. She likes Riddhima’s plan. She is thankful.

Vansh tells Angre that he can’t lose Ragini. He wants to find out the truth from Ragini. He runs on the road to cover the distance. Riddhima and Kabir also rush to meet Ragini. Ishani tries to check on Riddhima. Dadi asks Ishani to let Riddhima sleep. Ishani gets doubtful. Anupriya succeeds to fool Ishani. Vansh falls on the road. He struggles to reach the place. Kabir asks Riddhima how did she learn about the location. She asks Kabir to just rush fast, Vansh maybe coming any moment. She takes Kabir to Ragini.

Kabir is shocked to see her alive. Riddhima doesn’t want him to go inside. She asks him not to harm the nurse. He tells that he will handle the nurse. She tells Ragini that she will take her to a safe place. Vansh reaches the place. Kabir finds him coming and hides. Vansh learns that someone has arrived. He doesn’t see Kabir. Kabir has to rescue Riddhima. Riddhima learns Vansh’s arrival. Vansh screams aloud to alert his enemies. Riddhima hides with Ragini. Vansh is terrified. He can’t believe that Ragini is missing. His hardwork of years get waste. Riddhima and Kabir get Ragini with them. Riddhima is happy that she saved a life, unaware of Kabir’s intentions.

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