Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th November 2020 Written Update Sharda reveals the truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th November 2020 Written Update Sharda reveals the truth

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th November 2020 Written Update Sharda reveals the truth Sharda recalls her meeting with Kirti. Kirti wanted Sharda to get punished for her mum’s death. She wanted to commit suicide to get Sharda punished. Sharda tried to stop her a lot. Sharda failed to save Kirti from committing suicide. Sharda tells Prisha that Kirti gave her life by committing the suicide.

She tells that Kirti wanted her to get punished. She adds that she tries to save Kirti and held her hand for a long time, but Kirti’s hand slipped down and she fell. She tells that she didn’t think that the blame will come on Rudra. She adds that she had called the police as well, but she couldn’t tell the truth after seeing Harish. She lost courage to tell the truth. She was helpless to just lie.

She knew that Balraj will not trust her, since she had no proof for her innocence. She didn’t wish the family to get defamed because of her. Prisha tells her that she won’t get punished if she is innocent. She supports Sharda. She tells that she will change the DNA samples in the lab so that Sharda doesn’t get blamed. Sharda doesn’t want Prisha to take the big risk. Prisha loves Sharda as her mum. She wants to save Sharda. Sharda wants to tell the truth to Rudra. She meets Rudra to tell the truth.

Ahana thanks the manager for the complete cctv footage. She wants to find out the person who met Kirti for the last time. Sharda asks Rudra to stop Prisha from changing the DNA sample, else Prisha will get caught. She doesn’t want Prisha to fall in troubles. Rudra goes to the lab to stop Prisha. Prisha knows Sharda is innocent. She wants to save Sharda. Rudra doesn’t want Prisha to invite troubles.

Rahul tells Neerja that he will tell the truth to Rudra. Yuvraj knows that Rahul will ruin his plan. He tells Neerja that he will kill her. He asks her to sleep forever. He asks Neerja to die. Neerja gets critical when the oxygen supply gets cut. Yuvraj informs Rahul about Neerja’s state. Rahul worriedly rushes to see Neerja. He fears that she is dead. He asks the doctor to save Neerja.

Yuvraj wants Neerja to die, so that Rahul changes his mind to tell the truth to Neerja. Rahul thinks just Prisha can save Neerja. He calls Prisha and informs about Neerja’s bad state. He asks her to save Neerja. He wants her to come fast. Prisha tells that she can’t come, since she is away. Rahul tells that Neerja will die if she doesn’t come. He begs her to come. Prisha agrees to her. Rudra reaches the lab and doesn’t find Prisha there. He changes the sample to save Sharda. He learns about Prisha and Saransh, whose DNA don’t match. He is much shocked to find the truth. Prisha goes to meet Neerja and save her life. Can Prisha save Neerja? How will the truth affect Rudra? Keep reading.

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