Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2020 Written Update Preeta shocks Mahira

Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2020 Written Update Preeta shocks Mahira

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Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2020 Written Update Preeta shocks Mahira Preeta doesn’t think Mahira is right for the family and her marriage. She tells Karan that her marriage means a lot to her. Karan understands her. He tells that Mahira will not come between them. She tells that Mahira has no relation with him, even then she has come into the house by getting a grahpravesh like a Bahu. Karan tells that he got Mahira just like his friend. He doesn’t want to hurt Preeta’s heart. He tells that he will not do any injustice with her.

He wants to be her husband and keep their marriage. He consoles Preeta. Mahira watches them together and loses temper. She has done a lot to separate them. She finds Karan with Preeta again. She wants Karan with her. Sherlyn knows Mahira is undergoing many problems. She wants Mahira to take the medicines for her injury. Mahira doesn’t want to take any medicines. She wants Karan to administer the medicines to her. Preeta is still not convinced. She wants to believe Karan. Karan tells Preeta that he means whatever he told her. She wants to know if he loves her.

Karan wants to confess his feelings. Sherlyn hinders their moments. She asks Karan to give the medicines to Mahira, who is refusing to have it. Karan realizes that Preeta isn’t wrong, Mahira is demanding his attention. Mahira awaits Karan. Karan meets her and tries to pacify her. She acts scared to get more of his attention. Preeta keeps a watch on them.

Karan tells Mahira that they all are with him. Mahira tells him that she will never go against him. Sherlyn pities Preeta who is helpless because of Mahira. Karan asks Mahira to speak to his mom. Preeta doesn’t want to worry, since Karan is just handling Mahira. Preeta meets Mahira to reveal that she knows her intentions.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn calls Prithvi. She apologizes to him. He tells that he loves her as much she loves him. He tells that he knows her sacrifices. He tells her whatever Mahira did. She tells that Mahira is shattered because of Karan. She reveals about Mahira’s suicide attempt. He laughs on her innocence. He tells her that Mahira had pretended the suicide just to get Karan back. He reveals Mahira’s planning to her.

Sherlyn didn’t know that. He tells her that Ramona had bribed the medical staff as well, she didn’t let the doctor reveal the truth to Luthra family, Mahira has shed blood just to show that she tried to kill herself, she has done it for sympathy. He tells that Mahira played a big drama to get an entry in the Luthra house. Sherlyn gets upset that Mahira didn’t share the plans with her. He tells that Mahira will throw out Preeta from the house. She tells that maybe he wants to marry Preeta. He admits that he wants to marry Preeta. He tells that he has an aim to take revenge on Preeta.

He lies to her that he is loyal to only her. He wants Preeta to know the result of rejecting him. Preeta warns Mahira to limit her actions and not emotionally blackmail the family. Preeta tells that Luthra family is worried for her wound. She makes the shocking revelation that she knows her fake suicide move. Mahira gets alert. Preeta tells that she is a doctor and knows human body anatomy well. She asks Mahira to stop fooling her. Mahira is worried that Preeta may bring out her truth.

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