Choti Sardarni 11th November 2020 Written Update Meher's shocking battle

Choti Sardarni 11th November 2020 Written Update Meher’s shocking battle

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Choti Sardarni 11th November 2020 Written Update Meher’s shocking battle Meher finds Param and Karan. She tells Param that there is a danger in the house. She gets the sword and dons the Jhansi Ki Rani avatar. She reminds him the words of great warriors. She tells him that he has to become her eyes now and alert her from every coming danger. She tells that Sarabjeet is always with him.

The enemy turns out to be Pathak, who was exposed by Sarabjeet for the big scam. Pathak wants to take revenge since Sarabjeet ruined his political career. He wants to ruin Sarabjeet’s life. He feels Sarabjeet is in the hospital, there is no one to save his family. He wants the Diwali night to turn into a mourning night for Sarabjeet. He wants to kill the entire family and settle scores. Meher and Param get attack by the goons. Meher doesn’t lose heart. She boldly fights them. She recalls the training given to her in childhood by her dad. She fights with the goons. Param also assists her.

Seema performs a puja. She tells Vikram and Aditi about the good omen. She expects them to become parents soon. She gives a Diwali gift to Aditi. She gifts Surya’s chain to Manav. Manav gets emotional. Seema tells that Surya will always be with him now. She loves her family. Meher gets rid of the goons. She succeeds to fight them. Kulwant makes laddoos for Param. She wants to make her terms better with Sarabjeet. Kulwant gets to meet her Samdhi. She doesn’t identify him at first. She asks him what did he get to gift in Diwali.

Bittu feels proud that his father-in-law got gifts for Kulwant. Kulwant laughs seeing a big kadai. Bittu tells that its his utensils business. Kulwant jokes on them. Bittu feels bad that Kulwant just insults his wife. Manav wants to take Karan from Meher. He drives in a rush. Aditi wants him to slow down. He tells that he doesn’t like to reach late. She tells that they aren’t in any hurry. Aditi is called at the hospital for an emergency. She asks Vikram to drop her at the hospital. He asks her to go there later. She tells that she has to leave right away for the emergency. She tells that her patients are important for her. Manav goes to drop her. He gets late in reaching Meher’s house.

Meher recalls Sarabjeet’s encouraging words. She doesn’t lose at all. She bravely fights with them. Kulwant gets pleased to meet Harleen and Robby. Rane tells Bittu that his in-laws have come and got great gifts for Kulwant. Kulwant likes the precious gift. She jokes on Manjeet Singh, who got a kadai as a gift for her. Robby asks what did Kulwant get from Amrita’s house. Amrita gets upset. Robby tells that they will be leaving soon. Harleen and Robby leave. Kulwant likes the necklace a lot and shows off to Manjeet. Meher’s battle continues. She kills the goons in defense. Param becomes her eyes and guides her. Sarabjeet tries to call Meher and talk to her.

Pathak calls Sarabjeet to wish him happy Diwali. He tells Sarabjeet that he is Yamraj for his entire family. Sarabjeet asks who is he. Pathak tells that he will kill his family first and then him. Sarabjeet rebukes him. Pathak tells that there is no time left for him now. He asks Sarabjeet to wait for the bad news that his family is no more. Sarabjeet worriedly calls the family. He gets tensed. Meher throws her sword to kill the goon. Meher doesn’t let anyone harm her children. Sarabjeet goes restless. Meher becomes the target of more assassins. Sarabjeet tries to reach Meher and save her. Can Sarabjeet and Manav make a timely rescue for Meher and kids? Keep reading.

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