Anupama 23rd November 2020 Written Update Vanraj Kavya exposed

Anupama 23rd November 2020 Written Update Vanraj Kavya exposed

Anupama 23rd November 2020 Written Update Vanraj Kavya exposed Vanraj and Kavya spend romantic time in the resort. Anupama gets confused about the room number. She doesn’t know about Vanraj’s presence in the same resort. She finds her room and goes there. Samar and Nandini get friendly. She is scared of the swings, since she got hurt in her childhood. Samar wants her to enjoy the swings in a fearless way. He fulfills her wish. He ends her fears. He makes her confident to enjoy the swing. They get into a moment.

Paritosh and Kinjal like Samar and Nandini as a couple. Samar is much in love with her. He wants to tell his feelings to her. Kavya gets pleased to see Vanraj’s romantic surprise. Vanraj sings a song for her and makes her happy. Paritosh and Samar dance and entertain the family. Rakhi thinks Mrs. Patel did a mistake to give all the rooms so close to the family. She wants to expose Vanraj’s truth. Dolly tells that she heard about a couple’s romantic plans.


She asks Sanjay to learn romance. Anupama also dances on the song. Everyone likes her dance talents. Vanraj jokes on the family who is disturbing them as well. Anupama teaches dance to Baa. Vanraj gets disturbed by his own family. He wants to complain to the manager about them. He wants them to stop the loud music. Anupama gets a call on the hotel line. She picks the call, but it disconnects. Kavya asks Vanraj to ignore that family unknown to them. She wants to just enjoy the moment.

Rakhi wants Vanraj and Kavya to be caught red-handed by the family. She plans to break Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage. She thinks Anupama and Vanraj’s marriage will also break. The family plans an outing. They enjoy a lot. Rakhi doesn’t like the illiterate family and their silly behavior. She faces an embarrassment. She suggests Anupama to play snooker or badminton. Anupama agrees to her suggestion. Janki tells Rakhi that Vanraj and Kavya didn’t go on the tour. Rakhi asks her to give them some tempting tour offer and send them away from the resort. Samar and Nandini get into another moment of love. He tries to confess love to her.

Kinjal knows that he loves Nandini. She encourages him to speak out his feelings. She gives him luck. She thinks he is also like Paritosh, who took a year to confess love. Samar decides to profess love to Nandini. Rakhi finds this new love story. She likes the love stories blossoming. The family continues to stay happy. Nandini likes Baa and Bapu ji’s love story. She wants her love story to run for 50 years. Samar wants to promise her love for lifetime. Vanraj and Kavya plan her birthday celebrations. He has planned a lot of surprises for her. Rakhi succeeds in exposing Vanraj and Kavya’s affair to the family. Vanraj gets reprimanded by his parents and entire family for cheating Anupama.

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