Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd December 2020 Written Update Riddhima is Vihaan's wife

Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd December 2020 Written Update Riddhima is Vihaan’s wife

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd December 2020 Written Update Riddhima is Vihaan’s wife Vihaan warns Riddhima against yelling at him as if he is any roadside romeo. He asks her to mind her tongue. He gives her the title of Dollar biwi. He tells her that he has justified the drama by reacting to the situation since he is playing Vansh’s role. He has used his mind and thought of Vansh’s reaction on seeing his wife marrying his enemy. He asks her to think how would Vansh react. She tells that her Vansh loves her and would never talk of divorce.

She tells him that Vansh would never get separated from her, even there is a lot of misunderstanding between them. Vihaan flirts with her, which proves that he is Vansh. His attitude matches Vansh to the level that the possibility of Vansh’s return gets high. Vihaan gets tested by Angre and Ishani. Ishani asks Vihaan to sign the divorce papers and gets rid of Riddhima. She wants to see if he can forge Vansh’s difficult signatures. Vihaan hides Riddhima in the carpet to save her from Ishani’s sight. Riddhima had trained Vihaan to forge the signature.

Vihaan remembers Vansh’s signatures well. He presents the perfect signature which confuses Ishani. Ishani and Kabir get to see Vihaan’s signatures matching with Vansh’s. Riddhima’s prayers get answered that Vihaan gets saved from the family’s suspicion. Kabir still isn’t convinced that Vihaan is Vansh. Ishani gets convinced that Vihaan is her brother Vansh. She finds the carpet and offers help. Vihaan shows concern for Ishani and tricks her.

He takes Riddhima with him. Moreover, Kabir tells Anupriya that the signature doesn’t prove Vansh’s identity. He wants to find out if Riddhima has played the game and left a clue behind. Anupriya believes that Vansh has come back. She wants Kabir to accept that he has lost. She tells him that he should understand things with a different view. Kabir thinks of checking Vihaan’s place once again to find clues.

Vihaan and Riddhima get into a moment. Vihaan’s behavior proves that he is Vansh. He can’t stay away from Riddhima and finds chances to romance her. He tells her that he had to sign on the divorce papers to end Ishani’s growing suspicion on him. He tells that he didn’t intend to put her in trouble. Riddhima tells that she can’t get divorced to Vansh, she is Vansh’s widow. Vihaan advises her to pray to Bappa. She is left confused that Vihaan knows about her faith. Angre tells that Vansh was mad about Riddhima.

He adds that Vansh would never divorce Riddhima and instead forgive her for any mistake. He tells Ishani that he can’t believe Vihaan is Vansh since Vihaan has signed the divorce papers without a second thought. Ishani doesn’t think Angre is right. She believes that Vansh is back. Vihaan teaches a lesson to Kabir. He shows his same old attitude and shocks Kabir. Kabir can’t believe that Vihaan is playing Vansh so convincingly that there is no difference between the two. Vihaan insults Kabir just the way Vansh would do.

Kabir doesn’t want to get into his trap. He sticks to his plan to expose Vansh’s doppelganger. Riddhima cries her heart out for Vansh. She doesn’t want to leave the family after losing Vansh. She wants to find a way that she stays back in the family. Bappa helps her by sending Dadi to her. Dadi tells Riddhima that she also has a right on her and wants her to wear the bridal dress before leaving the house. She convinces Riddhima to come with her. Dadi takes her to the family. Riddhima is asked to sign the divorce papers, since Vihaan has already signed.

Dadi stops Riddhima from signing the papers and ending the relation of marriage when she had taken vows for seven births. She reminds Riddhima that that she has a relation with the entire family. Dadi cancels Riddhima and Vansh’s divorce. This becomes a big surprise for Riddhima. Dadi tells the family that the house belongs to Riddhima as well, Riddima will never go away. She gives a shock to Riddhima by asking her to give another to her marriage. She wants Vihaan to remarry Riddhima and make a fresh start so that they move on over the sorrowful past.

Riddhima didn’t know that Dadi will pose such a condition. Dadi brings the Suhaag ritual to put Vihaan and Riddhima in trouble. Dadi wants Riddhima to remain of Vansh forever. Riddhima can’t understand why she should obey Dadi’s conditions. She can’t tell the truth to the family before ousting Kabir. She falls in a huge dilemma. Riddhima gives up when her wife’s duty is tested. She doesn’t know if she should stop Vihaan from doing the rituals or not.

Now what makes Riddhima fulfill the rituals with Vihaan? Vihaan really completes the sindoor ritual with Riddhima, reminding her of Vansh. Kabir can’t stand this sight. He goes to Vihaan’s place and learns that Riddhima played a big game with him by getting Vansh’s duplicate home. He wants to pull the curtains on the drama. Kabir learns Riddhima’s entire plan. He gets the important lead against Riddhima’s plan.

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