Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2020 Written Update Meera agrees to marry Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2020 Written Update Meera agrees to marry Abhi

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2020 Written Update Meera agrees to marry Abhi Abhi asks Meera for the marriage. He tells her that its just about Rhea. He is thankful to her that she refused for her. He asks her to forget that he came to meet her. Meera shockingly accepts the marriage proposal. She tells that she will be the luckiest woman in the world if she becomes Rhea’s mother. She tells that he is the best man she has seen in the whole world, he is good-hearted, he had always been good towards her. He tells that he would have done good with any employee.

She doesn’t want to become bad by forgetting his favors. She tells that he took a stand for her when a guest called her a servant in Rhea’s birthday. She feels honoured that he wants to marry her. He praises him for always giving her respect. Rhea gets happy that Meera has accepted the marriage proposal. Meera tells that she can’t refuse to him, she is lucky to get a life partner like him. He doesn’t say anything after seeing Rhea there. He silently goes. Rhea jumps with excitement.

Vikram tells Dida that Ranbir is ready to sacrifice his true love to save Pallavi’s life. He doesn’t want Pallavi to snatch Ranbir’s happiness. He wants to talk to Pallavi. He tells Dida that they can’t ask Ranbir to marry Rhea, knowing he doesn’t love Rhea. He feels Pallavi is doing wrong with Ranbir. Dida tells him that Pallavi isn’t wrong, but if he thinks so, he can talk to her. He goes to meet Pallavi.

He wants to remind her that she shouldn’t give lifelong sorrow to Ranbir. She doesn’t let him say anything. She tells him that Ranbir won’t be able to forget Prachi. She tells that she is Ranbir’s mum and knows his feelings well. Dida sympathizes with Ranbir and hugs him. Rhea tells Aaliya that Meera has agreed to marry Abhi. Aaliya tells that she knew about it, Abhi is the best and anyone would love him. She tells that Meera loves Abhi and she had to agree to the marriage proposal.

Rhea tells that its good that Meera loves Abhi. She tells Aaliya that its a good news, Meera has accepted the marriage proposal so happily and she was so excited. Aaliya gets happy and shares the joy with Rhea. Rhea tells that Pragya and Prachi will be hurt now. She wants to show Prachi that she has a loving mother now. Aaliya likes Rhea’s attitude. Prachi and Ranbir are in sorrow. Prachi is crying because of Pragya’s pain. Ranbir is crying since he is losing Prachi.

He calls her up to tell her that he is heartbroken that he can’t keep his promise for the sake of Pallavi. She tells him that he should always listen to his mother. He tells her that he can never meet her now. He cries which worries Prachi. He gives the shocking news that Pallavi has suffered a heart attack. She wants to know when did this happen. He tells that he is sorrowful for his mother’s state. She asks him to take care of his mother. Ranbir doesn’t reveal the entire truth that Pallavi has kept a condition that he will leave Prachi.

He misses Prachi a lot. Meera tells Aaliya that she never thought that Abhi will propose her for marriage. She asks Aaliya if she has compelled Abhi. Aaliya tells that Abhi had proposed her by his own wish, since he doesn’t want to be with Pragya. She congratulates Meera. She knows that Meera will always be under her. She gets glad. Abhi sinks in sorrow that Rhea is separating him from Pragya forever. He doesn’t want to marry Meera. He doesn’t know if Meera will hide the matter from Rhea.

He wants Pragya to handle Rhea and explain her that no one can be her parents. He calls Pragya. He thinks to go to her home and meet her. Prachi goes to see Pallavi. Sarita tells that Pallavi hates Prachi. Pragya is sure that Prachi will win their heart. Abhi takes Pragya’s number from Vikram. He calls her up again. Pragya gets consoled by Sarita. Pragya doesn’t check Abhi’s calls. Ranbir, Vikram and Dida think for Pallavi’s life. Abhi leaves a voice message for Pragya. He thinks it will be better if he meets her and talks. He wants to meet her somewhere outside.

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8 responses to “Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2020 Written Update Meera agrees to marry Abhi”

  1. Lilou Avatar

    Again aliya who decides with abhi either to marry .. Shit stop the shows. It is torture to see a child listen to his aunt and who hates his mother and sister to such an extent that she blackmails his father .. Damn .. The series gets irritating and no cause .. Apart from that the negative is continuous in the show.

  2. Furn Avatar

    Why do you portray Rhea as so evil and demanding. Why do you pray Alliya as having so much power in the show. Why do you portray Abhi and Praygya as so weak and stupid. Why does Ranbir have to sacrifice his true love.
    Everybody is unhappy in the show and viewers are unhappy, bored and get disinterested. Why do portray indian culture as so twisted and sinister. Why do you always place evil over good. The show has to have balance. It’s pure evil all the time.
    If the previous Rhea left because of her role being so destructive, why make it even worst.

  3. Colette Avatar

    Abhi is a grown man who cant decide for himself. He just thinking of one daughter not if his wife or other daughter. Pragya and Prachi is better off without Abhi. He will never really keep them happy as long as Aliyah is around. He needs to become a real man. He says he love Pragya but he never trust or believe her so what kind of love is that where you ask the baby sister to a daughter that’s all grown up to marry him.

  4. Furn Avatar

    I think Rhea is overacting her role. No child should be allowed to dominate her parents like that. The show has now become boring and monotonous.
    I’m off to Nollywood. See you when there is something interesting to watch.
    This is nonsense. Same thing over and over and over and over and over and over……..

  5. Mounika Avatar

    Irritating serial. Show has to be stoped

  6. Mini Avatar

    The show is becoming very negativity ,from the beginning abhi being Rhea father cannot hold on to his decisions and acts as per aliyah,now it’s the kids who has to get married but again the story is going merry go round it’s so boring now no positively ,Pragya and abhi are always weak in the story,

  7. sudhir sharma Avatar
    sudhir sharma

    It is completely negative show. No interest in watching it. Criminal mind wining again and again. Extremely bad impact on the society. I give zero rating to Ekta Kapoor.

  8. Niro Avatar

    Loved this series but now it’s becoming very boring. Aliya has too much power to control Abhi and Pragya. Evil is taking over . Not good

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