Anupama 7th December 2020 Written Update Vanraj mean act

Anupama 7th December 2020 Written Update Vanraj mean act

Anupama 7th December 2020 Written Update Vanraj gets mean Leela is eager to get her son home. She doesn’t think Anupama can manage the family expenses. Leela overlooks Vanraj’s affair and thinks its really Anupama’s mistake that Anupama couldn’t keep Vanraj happy. Vanraj makes Leela see his wrong doing by his perception and justifies himself. Leela misses Vanraj a lot. She is hopeful that he will be back. Leela had always been against Anupama. This time, she thinks Vanraj isn’t totally wrong even if Anupama is right. She wants Anupama to speak of big things only if she is capable off.

The consequences push Anupama to the core that she has to take charge of the house and prove out that she can work and become independent to run the entire family. Anupama has an aim to run the family, while Vanraj’s foolish ego is to ruin the family. Anupama knows that Vanraj has challenged her that he will snatch all of her precious relations. She doesn’t want him to divide her children. Anupama wants to arrange money for Pakhi’s course fees. Leela doesn’t think Anupama can manage it. Pakhi knows it as well and contacts Vanraj to get the fees money.


Vanraj is more than delighted to help his children and win them back. He makes sure that Pakhi comes on his side. Pakhi tells Anupama that she has already asked Vanraj for the money. Anupama doesn’t want to accept the help to keep her self-esteem, but Hasmukh asks her to let Vanraj do the needful for his own children. Leela taunts Anupama on her status, making the latter feel that Vanraj has sent the money to Pakhi with a wicked motive.

Kavya opposes Vanraj’s decision of funding Pakhi’s course. She wants Vanraj to not have any ties with the family. Kavya’s selfishness will prove to Vanraj that she is the wrong choice. Vanraj will soon understand what Anupama is, a selfless and devoted wife for him. What do you think? Will Vanraj realize his mistake before its too late? Please leave your opinion about the show’s current track in the comment section below.

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Vanraj and Kavya get into an argument. She tells him that his behavior gave a chance to Nandini to taunt her. He tells her that he disliked the fact that she is making young friends and spending time. He asks her not to talk to anyone. She wants him to stop talking to Anupama. He asks her if she is taking revenge. She tells him that she will never cheat him. She expresses her love for him. He tells that he also loves her a lot, he never cheated her. They want to end the fight since they both are jealous by seeing each other with someone else. She tells him that she has seen a dream since years to live as a couple.

She doesn’t want him to spoil the moment. She tells that she will not cheat him even if he doesn’t love her. He compares her with Anupama. He thinks he has lost respect in front of Anupama. Meanwhile, Leela tells Pakhi that the fees is high. Paritosh supports Pakhi, who is determined to study the course by taking Vanraj’s help. Hasmukh and Anupama try to handle the matter. Pakhi informs that Vanraj will be sending money in some time. Leela feels Vanraj still cares a lot for the family.

Anupama tells that Pakhi should have asked them before asking money to Vanraj. Pakhi tells that even Anupama would ask money to Vanraj. Leela rebukes Anupama. Hasmukh asks Pakhi to let elders take the decision. Pakhi makes an apology. Anupama feels Vanraj is intentionally taking an advantage of the financial needs to hurt her esteem. Vanraj sends the money to Anupama to show her right place.

He tells that Anupama will lose the children soon. He wants his children to need him more. He doesn’t share the money transfer details with Kavya, which leaves her upset. She finds Vanraj involved in the family matters. Pakhi tells that Anupama will earn well in future, but right now, Vanraj is going to handle everything. Kavya wants to confront Vanraj about the money transfer. She thinks Anupama is faking huge talks of self-respect and asking money from Vanraj. She wants to confront Anupama. Anupama finishes the dance class. She rushes to home to cook the food for elders. Kavya stops Anupama for an important talk. Anupama takes her home to have a talk.

She doesn’t want to defame the family by talking on the road. Kavya goes home for the talk. Vanraj gets Kavya’s note that she is leaving for an important work. He suspects her. He doesn’t want to think wrong. Kavya confronts Anupama for her attempt to snatch Vanraj from her. She wants Anupama to act innocent and helpless. She creates a ruckus by her accusations. She tells Anupama that she isn’t at fault if she fell in love with Vanraj. She wants Anupama to accept the truth that Vanraj has abandoned her. Anupama warns Kavya to lower her tone and keep calm. She asks Anupama not to separate Vanraj and her.

She taunts Anupama for contacting Vanraj for her financial needs. She warns Anupama against coming in between Vanraj and her. She insults her more for trying clever tactics to ruin his happiness. She blames Anupama for claiming Vanraj’s money by using his family. Anupama didn’t manipulate him for money. She bears the new taunts. Kavya shows Anupama her place. She tells that Vanraj belongs to her. Anupama answers Kavya. She has left rights on Vanraj. Kavya asks Anupama to use Vanraj’s parents or children, but he will still be of her.

Leela is upset to hear Kavya’s verbal bash up. She makes Vanraj hear the argument. She tells Vanraj that Kavya is wrong. Kavya asks Anupama to spare Vanraj. She tells that she wants a peaceful life with Vanraj. Vanraj feels Kavya has made a big mistake. He rushes home to stop Kavya. Kavya asks Anupama to remember that Vanraj isn’t of her. Anupama tells that Vanraj broke the relation of marriage, but he still has many relations in the family. She tells Kavya that she didn’t try to snatch Vanraj. Leela defends Anupama once again. Kavya warns Leela against interference. Leela doesn’t want Kavya to insult her Bahu.

Kavya controls her temper. She fights for her rights. Kavya faces humiliation from Leela. Leela calls Kavya a thief, who has stolen Anupama’s husband. Kavya can’t believe it. Anupama calms them down for the sake of Hasmukh’s health condition. Kavya tells that she doesn’t care for Hasmukh. Kavya doesn’t listen to Leela. Leela and Kavya get into a heated argument. Vanraj gets stuck at office. Anupama stops Kavya from misbehaving with Leela. She asks Kavya not to be insecure that Vanraj is meeting the family. She tells Kavya that Vanraj isn’t her husband now, but he will be Leela’s son always.

She asks Kavya not to interfere between the family, since she has no rights. She taunts Kavya, who isn’t anything in Vanraj’s life. Kavya wants to marry Vanraj and get status in his life. Anupama tells Kavya that blood relations can never end. She explains Kavya that Vanraj can find a new wife, but he can’t leave his family to find a new family. She declares that nothing will change even if Kavya becomes Vanraj’s wife, Vanraj will always have his relations with the family. She explains the difference of a wife and girlfriend in a man’s life.

She knows that Kavya wants Vanraj totally, but its not possible, Vanraj’s family will always have a right on him. She further adds that she will always be the mother of Vanraj’s children. Vanraj arrives home in tension to know the matter. He finds Anupama and Kavya at loggerheads. Leela agrees with Anupama. Vanraj reprimands Kavya for insulting his family. He clears out to her what his family actually means to him. He doesn’t want to leave the family for Kavya’s sake. He proves that he is still a family man. Pakhi’s birthday becomes an occasion for Vanraj’s return home. Kavya gets a chance to impress Pakhi and win her vote. Anupama and Kavya will be seen planning Pakhi’s birthday.

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  1. Vanraj is a “SELFISH, EGOISTICAL” man! N’ wants to have the ‘BEST’ of “BOTH” world’s!! Cannot see him “giving in” to Anupama!! V would like to see Anupama “fighting for her rights, improving as a human being n’ teaching Vanraj a GOOD LESSON!!👍😀

  2. I hate Vanraj. His character is bad. He is an amazing actor. What’s his name. Vanraj is just one example. Such men really exist. Men who dont respect wife. Look out for easy affair with colleague. Story is to present real life situations. Anupama hats off beautiful Rupali. Nice story. Good job all actors.

  3. VANRAJ is wrong. His parents are alive. They should just slap him and show his mistakes. Why don’t characters made to do right thing in tv shows? Why Leela baa supporting Vanraj again….. this goes overhead.

  4. I think Vanraj should realize his fault & come back to Anupama . She is perfect Wife for him.
    Kavya is a very Selfish & Cunning Lady . Vanraj should obey his Parents Order .

  5. Vanraj has done real good acting. He has succeded in creating hatred for him. Through his character men needs to learn lesson. Vanraj will not be able to survive with Kavya. He is a selfish person. Will want to return back to his family. Yet his ego will be high.

  6. The show should drive a lesson for the society. While doing so, the serial should bring out requirement of a girl being made capable of respectful -survival on her own, if need arises. Parents should educate and train her to become a good wife and mother who can bring up a good family and prove to Vanraj type husband that she is not mazboor lady, if need so arises. Her confidence and grit must bring her out to be a good entrepreneur where Vanraj himself has to seek her assistance/ help, to make the show little more dramatic. However, a girl must always be empowered such that she doesn’t have to remain on mercy of such husbands.

  7. Although, all the characters are doing a wonderful job, and justifying roles..but serial is dragging a bit..Also Anuppamas role, is too good to be realistic.. You are showing her to be too dumb!!! It is reflecting very badly on women’s self respect. It is high time for you to show Anupama getting transformed into a bold, strong and independent women.. We are eagerly looking forward to a new Anupama and a leap in the serial!!!

  8. I feel Anupama should be so effective and efficient that despite her supposed shortcoming she takes care of the entire family well…and Vanraj realising his mistake should try and woo her back…but the final term and condition should rest only on Anupama…she has to be the winner…yet if the family breaks…then the purpose of sacrifice of all the years is defeated.. The character BAA also should change 180 degrees .

  9. Anu should not take that egotistical man back after all the horrid things he has said to her and done. She has her self respect and integrity as to not tolerate such a man. Her children are just about grown so she should concentrate on herself. Her mother in law is an enabler for Vanraj and he has the morals and values she instilled as the father was working. She belittled Anu to no end for 25 yrs, what a sad life.


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