Kumkum Bhagya 9th December 2020 Written Update Abhi reveals all

Kumkum Bhagya 9th December 2020 Written Update Abhi reveals all

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Kumkum Bhagya 9th December 2020 Written Update Abhi reveals all Prachi meets with an accident, that too by Abhi’s car. Abhi finally meets Prachi after the truth revelation. He cares for Prachi. She likes to see his concern, now that she knows their relation. She calls him Papa and gets emotional. She tells him that she always wanted him to be her dad. He tells that he always felt that they are related. She expresses her happiness on knowing the truth.

Abhi cries tears of joy. She complains about Rhea. She tells him that Rhea had insulted Pragya and made them out of the house. He defends Rhea who isn’t bad at heart. She tells that Rhea can’t do wrong with Pragya, she needs a lesson. Abhi warns her. She tells that he maybe not knowing the entire truth that Rhea is bad. He warns her to stop telling anything against Rhea. She complains to him with a daughter’s right. She refuses to listen to him. She doesn’t want to forgive Rhea. He tells her that he will sort out everything. He asks her to take care of Pragya.

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He promises to fix the things in their lives. He apologizes to her. He wants her to understand Rhea’s heart. He tells that Rhea had been away from her mother for twenty years, which made her bitter-hearted. He holds himself responsible for Rhea’s bitterness. Pragya recalls the past that she got separated from Abhi because of her daughter’s death. She can’t spoil the lives of her other daughters. She can’t let Abhi decide alone for their future. Abhi rushes to see Pallavi at the hospital. He meets Vikram and gives her strength.

Abhi then meets Pallavi and Ranbir. He asks her to take care of herself, since she will be getting new responsibilities after Ranbir’s marriage. Pallavi tells that Abhi is talking about Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Abhi tells Vikram that he is going to meet Pragya. He wants to clear the misunderstanding to them. He shocks them by the breaking news. He tells Kohli family that Prachi is his own daughter, Pragya is his wife. He tells that Pragya is Prachi and Rhea’s mother. This news leaves Pallavi in shock.

Pallavi has always insulted Prachi as a middle-class girl, who isn’t suitable for Ranbir. Ranbir is expression-less, since no truth matters to him now. Pragya waits for Abhi. He reaches the hotel to meet her. Abhi and Pragya call each other and get numbers busy. Abhi and Pragya finally meet after the long delay. She holds a storm in her heart. Abhi wants to tell about the marriage. She doesn’t let him complete. She suspects him. She tells him that he wanted to marry Tanu before and now Meera. She gets upset. She feels he didn’t change his ways. He tells that even she didn’t change, she always misunderstands him.

She shouts on Abhi. She has no interest in his love story with Meera. He expects her to understand him. Pragya and Abhi get into a huge argument over the past. She points a finger at his character. He defends Meera, who isn’t like Tanu. He tells that Meera is extremely nice, who takes care of Rhea as a mother.

Unexpectedly, Abhi sings praises of Meera, whose service towards Mehra family can’t be compared. He tells that Meera respects him and loves him, she isn’t a gold-digger. She is surprised to see him defending Meera so much. She doesn’t like to hear anything else. He informs her about the engagement date. She tells that she will come in his engagement. They both have an ego clash. What do you think about the current track? Do you think Pragya should give a chance to Abhi to fix up things as he promised Prachi? Keep reading and do comment your opinion below.

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Abhi tells Pragya that Meera is a kind-hearted soul. She asks him the reason that he proposed her. She doesn’t realize that he did it on Rhea’s demand. She tells that he isn’t marrying Meera for her sake. Abhi tells her that she is responsible for his marriage with Meera. He tells Pragya that if she showed some love for Rhea, then this would have not happened. He accuses her for breaking Rhea’s heart so much that Rhea wants Meera as her mother. Pragya tells that she didn’t file the FIR against Rhea.

She tells that she can’t hurt Rhea. Abhi tells her that just she knew about Rhea’s hired attackers, she had complaint against Rhea. He doesn’t doubt Aaliya. He tells that even if she didn’t file the FIR, why didn’t she take it back, why didn’t she take Prachi along. She tells that she has taken Prachi with her. He tells that he can call it a story. They argue for their daughters. He tells that he has got Rhea freed on bail. Sarita makes prays that Abhi and Pragya sort out their issues. Shahana tells her that Rhea will not want her parents to unite.

Sarita tells that she wants Abhi and Pragya to unite. Shahana tells that Abhi doesn’t care for Prachi, like Pragya cares for Rhea madly. Sarita consoles her when she cries for Pragya and Prachi’s pain. Shahana tells that they should have not come to the city. Sarita asks her to have faith. Abhi tells Pragya that he can’t scold Rhea by favoring Prachi all the time. He accuses her and doesn’t want to forgive her. He asks her why didn’t she stop Prachi from insulting Rhea. He asks why didn’t she teach right thing to Prachi.

Pragya tells that Rhea was cursing her and that made Prachi angered. He counts her mistake that she left Rhea, she never came back for Rhea, she just loves Prachi. Pragya tells him that she didn’t come because of him. He asks her if she always listens to him. Their arguments get never ending. He finally reveals about his engagement with Meera. She promises to attend the engagement. She is glad that he is free of her. Abhi is also hurt seeing her anger. He tells that Rhea wants Meera as her mom, Meera loves Rhea more than her real mom. Pragya tells that she will celebrate more than Meera and him. She gets hurt while leaving. They both shed tears of sorrow.

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16 responses to “Kumkum Bhagya 9th December 2020 Written Update Abhi reveals all”

  1. Adnan Avatar

    This is the one and only telly serial that’s stuck at same point. All serials progress in two weeks max. This serial no hopes to progress in two years also.

  2. Adnan Avatar

    And it’s not funny
    Its painful. Abhi Pragya no more separation please writers.

    1. Parm Avatar

      If meera and abhi get married, then I’ll stop watching this show….its about time prays and abhi reunite and Rhea stop acting like a spoiled brat.

  3. Anjju Avatar

    In circles…… honestly, writers we understand this is a soap opera but please let it make some sense…. when are these two characters going to mature??

  4. Yasmin Essop Avatar
    Yasmin Essop

    Aalia’s mischief is unreal.
    Pragya and Abhi need open communication to sort themselves out.
    It’s getting very boring with this Rhea and Prachi issues.
    Bring back Kiara, make it intriguing.

  5. Colette Avatar

    Abhi must stand up for his wife. He cant say no to his evil daughter or sister. He still dont want to hear anything about Rhea even though his other daughter is telling him how Rhea is. He does not think of Pragya or Prachi
    He does not really love them the way he says he does. He has been lying to her from the beginning making promises he cant keep. His sister is married but what happened to Purab. She cant fix her marriage but messes in Abhis

    Abhi is really stupid and gullible. I love Pragya and Prachi and the are being hurt to much by their own family
    They were better off without Abhi
    I used to love Abhigya but now I just hate Abhi as to what he is doing to Pragya and Prachi

  6. Rakesh Sahani Avatar
    Rakesh Sahani

    One Of My Favourite Web-Series.

  7. Rakesh Sahani Avatar
    Rakesh Sahani

    Hmmm….my favourite…!!

  8. Octobergirl Avatar

    I used to watch this show and stopped due to same ongoing storyline. I stopped watching for a long time then decided to again, same storyline still on. Stopped again, started again and still the same!!
    Why can’t Abhi see Alia for who she is? She has done so much evil deeds, even with Purab and Disha. Horrible show!!!!!!

  9. Flossy D Avatar
    Flossy D

    Why r they dragging so much. I stopped watching this show for sometime. Bring abhi and pragya together too much of pain for pragya and prachi. Unite them as a family.

  10. Dankumarie Bissoon Avatar
    Dankumarie Bissoon

    Pragya problems will never go away.or else kum kum bhagya will be finished🤓🤓🤓🤓😷🙏😀👍🌹🙋

  11. Shalini Avatar

    Kumkum bhagya is my favorite serial but now I feel bored with the storyline. Pls stop separating abhi aur pragya . It is very heart breaking to see them being separated. Pls end this aaliya’s character . Pls unite abhigya and purab with disha . Then the storyline will be interesting

  12. Steffi Fernandes Avatar
    Steffi Fernandes

    Bring Kiara back as a surprise without anyone knowing that it is her. Also Kiara should b the 1 to reunite the family n teach Alia a lesson. Once Alia’s evil plans are out in front of everyone, then only the show will become more interesting n I will b more happier if this happens.

  13. Urmilla Avatar

    Definately a horrible show
    It tells that the people are selfish n evil just like Aliyah

  14. Anisha Avatar

    In earlier we get to see that rhea is happy with anhi and pragya bit now again she hates pragya now yhe big twist is that rhea wants abhi to marry meera why this separation is made always between abhi and pragya plz writer now don’t make abhi and pragya separate plz make them unite and their daughters also.

  15. PRABHA Avatar

    It’s of no use seeing this serial. Nothing good is happening to pragya. Always aliyaa a vamp wins. This doesn’t relate to the title Kumkum Bhagya. I don’t know where’s kumkum and where bhagya for pragya. In this serial good never wins . It shows you have to be bad and cunning in life to survive and not good

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