Anupama 9th December 2020 Written Update Kavya plays foul

Anupama 9th December 2020 Written Update Kavya plays foul

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Anupama 9th December 2020 Written Update Kavya plays foul Anupama regrets that she couldn’t get any dress to gift Pakhi. She wanted to gift her something special. Samar tells that she should not regret if she fails to keep one of the many wishes, since she is already doing a lot for Pakhi. He tells that she is throwing the best party ever, which will be special memory for Pakhi. Anupama agrees to him. She wants to make Pakhi’s birthday the best one to remember all life. Pakhi is grateful to Anupama when the latter promises her of happiness.

Vanraj doesn’t know Kavya’s real motives behind organizing a party for Pakhi. He believes that Kavya is initiating her steps towards his family. He is glad to see her changed behavior. Kavya has wickedness in her mind. She has already snatched Vanraj from Anupama. She wants to take revenge on Anupama and snatch her children as well. She can’t see Anupama using Vanraj’s children against her. She thinks it will be better if she wins everyone on her side gradually. She dreams of a happy family with Vanraj.

Kavya plans a lavish party for Kavya, while Pakhi is delighted to see the family making arrangements for her birthday. Anupama doesn’t care for expenses and wants to give much happiness to Pakhi. Anupama surprises Pakhi with a pre-birthday celebrations, where they sing and dance together with the family. Pakhi expects a cool party at home. Anupama bakes a chocolate cake for Pakhi.

She knows that Pakhi likes everything beautiful and classy. She acts accordingly keeping her choice in mind. Anupama calls Pakhi home. Pakhi goes to meet Vanraj, who calls her for a surprise birthday bash. Vanraj and Kavya wish Pakhi. Pakhi thanks them. She is surprised to see her friends. Kavya proves to be Pakhi’s bestie once again. She knows Anupama is waiting for her daughter home. She doesn’t want the party to end soon, so that Anupama’s hardwork fails. The entire family waits for Pakhi’s return, while Pakhi is busy celebration with Vanraj, Kavya and her friends. Kavya makes sure that Pakhi doesn’t attend Anupama’s calls. Will Kavya succeed in separating the mother-daughter duo? Will Vanraj find Kavya’s real intentions hidden behind? Keep reading.

The entire family dance with Pakhi and make her happy. Pakhi thanks all of them. She posts her family video on the social media. Her video gets many likes. Kavya and Vanraj get to see Pakhi’s live streaming. They don’t like to see Anupama so happy. Vanraj smiles that his daughter is happy. Pakhi gets ready in a new dress. She tells that Vanraj bought four new dresses for her. She tells that she is Vanraj’s favorite. She gets Vanraj on the video call during the video call. Kavya also wishes Pakhi. Pakhi gets displeased. She knows Anupama won’t be liking it.

Anupama asks Pakhi to take Kavya’s wishes. Pakhi cuts the cake. The family is very happy for her. Pakhi asks them for the gifts. Leela gives a fixed deposit to Pakhi. Hasmukh tells Pakhi that she can use the money in her future. Anupama wants Pakhi to become independent before her marriage. She tells that education always helps a person. She feels she should have got educated as well. Vanraj plans to meet Pakhi. Pakhi tells that she has plans with her friends also. Kavya waits for tomorrow, since Vanraj and she would be celebrating Pakhi’s birthday. Anupama makes the day special for Pakhi like a loving mother.

Anupama wakes up Pakhi. She blesses Pakhi that she never gets to see sorrow in her life. Anupama promises Pakhi that she will not make any mistake in the party. Pakhi loves her a lot. Anupama wants to be Pakhi’s best mother. Pakhi tells that she has invited her friends home. Anupama and Kavya prepare for the party. Pakhi watches a movie with her friends. They insist her to go home late.

They take her to Kavya’s place for the surprise. Samar and the family like to see Anupama’s makeover, when she dresses up beautifully, by focussing on her personality. They compliment Anupama. Anupama tells that Leela made her ready in a way that Pakhi finds her mum’s makeover good. She wants to look good in front of Pakhi’s friends. She is learning new things and adapting to the change for the sake of her children. Hasmukh and Leela praise Anupama for her efforts. They call her the best mother. Samar praises his mother. Everyone applauds Anupama. Pakhi likes the surprise birthday party.

She meets Vanraj and Kavya. She tells Kavya that she wants to go home to Anupama. Kavya manipulates her to stop her back. Vanraj doesn’t insist Pakhi against her wish. Kavya asks Pakhi to enjoy the party for Vanraj’s sake. Pakhi’s friends like the happening party and want her to stay back. Vanraj tells that Pakhi can have two parties on her birthday. Anupama makes everything look perfect to make Pakhi smile. Pakhi gets dressed up for the party. Anupama wants to know if she is looking cool as Pakhi wants.

Kinjal lies to Rakhi about her friend’s party. She doesn’t tell Rakhi that she has come to Paritosh’s house. Paritosh tells Kinjal that Pakhi is getting late, she can go home. Kinjal tells that she isn’t ready to go to the US. He promises that he will not let her go anywhere. He wants her to enjoy the moment. The family waits for Pakhi. Anupama calls Pakhi. Pakhi enjoys with her friends. Vanraj and Kavya too join the youngsters on the dance floor. Kavya takes their pictures. Pakhi’s friends find Vanraj a cool dad.

The family wonders if Pakhi has gone to meet Vanraj. They don’t want Anupama to worry. Anupama is afraid of Vanraj’s challenge that he will snatch his family from her. The family’s wait gets too long, which makes their smile vanish. Kavya rejects Anupama’s calls. She wants Anupama to always wait for her husband and children. Kavya thinks she has won over Anupama to upset her on a special day. Keep reading and do comment your views below.

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