Kundali Bhagya Upcoming big twist Kumkum Top Spoilers

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming big twist Kumkum Top Spoilers

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Kundali Bhagya Upcoming big twist Kumkum Top Spoilers There will be huge twists coming in Abhi’s engagement, which doesn’t get cancelled because of Pragya. Aaliya has brainwashed Abhi well, but Pragya is herself responsible for ruining her marriage. She doesn’t listen to Abhi at all, when he was hoping to take her help and cancel the engagement. He wanted Pragya to explain Rhea about her love and change Rhea’s mind. He feels like a helpless father who can’t let Rhea go away from him. He just expected Pragya to come home and speak to Rhea in a calm way.

He is confident that Rhea will understand if both Pragya and Prachi give her love. He dislikes the fact that Prachi has behaved against her nature and insulted Rhea back, when she didn’t accuse Rhea till now. He wants to know if Prachi is using her sister’s right and breaking Rhea’s heart. Abhi doesn’t think Prachi is right. Pragya doesn’t think Prachi did anything wrong to show Rhea the reality. She wants to bring Rhea on the right path.

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She wants Abhi to be strict towards Rhea to make her realize her mistakes. Apart from the parenting issues, they face a low time because of Aaliya’s conspiracy. Abhi prepares for his engagement with Meera with a sinking heart. Pragya loses faith in their relationship, the fact that Abhi had waited for her till now seems to be a lie to her. They fail to mend their relationship. They live in huge pain, and still doesn’t have courage to have some struggle to unite. Their way of accepting defeat to their fate fails their Kumkum promise. What do you think?

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming big twist:
Preeta and Shrishti will be finding a way to expose Ramona’s poisoned laddoos conspiracy. Preeta doesn’t want to spare any of her enemies now. She knows that Sherlyn and Mahira are targeting Mahesh since a long time. She has very well discussed this truth with her family, who supports her decision of protecting Luthra family. Preeta now feels more strong when she gets Karan’s support. Karan has got madly in love with Preeta again. Even his faith on her got blind. He knows that his wife Preeta can never do wrong. Karan wants to believe everything that Preeta says.

Mahira finds it tough to make Preeta away from Karan. Karan loses his faith on Mahira, whose mad behavior upsets him. Rishabh doesn’t trust Sherlyn, just the way Karan doesn’t trust Mahira. Will Preeta and Shrishti be able to open Kareena’s eyes this time? Will they make a final shut down for at least Mahira this time? Keep reading.

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