Anupama 10th December 2020 Written Update Rakhi returns

Anupama 10th December 2020 Written Update Rakhi returns

Anupama 10th December 2020 Written Update Rakhi returns Pakhi enjoys the party. She realizes that the family would be waiting. She asks Vanraj to take her home. He agrees to her. Kavya asks her to cut the cake. She tells that she has baked the cake. Vanraj also asks Pakhi to cut the cake, until he messages Anupama. Kavya doesn’t want them to go home on time. She plans something. Anupama reasons out why Pakhi got late. She asks the family to have dinner. Dolly tells them that Vanraj is getting Pakhi home in some time.

Pakhi loves the cake and thanks Kavya. Her friends like the party thrown by Kavya. Kavya gets pictures clicked with Pakhi and Vanraj. She thanks Pakhi’s friends for getting Pakhi on her word. She tells them that she has planned a game and kept interesting things as rewards. She tells that they should ask Pakhi to stay back for games. Pakhi doesn’t want the boring gifts. Her friends tell her that Kavya has planned great gifts.

They insist Pakhi to just play for some time and let them enjoy. Pakhi agrees on her friend’s insistence. Kavya wants to fail Anupama’s plans and upset her. Hasmukh gets angered on Vanraj for making the delay. Leela defends her son. Samar tells that Vanraj doesn’t want Anupama to succeed, he is doing everything intentionally to hurt Anupama. Anupama waits for Pakhi at the gate. Vanraj drops Pakhi home. Anupama tells Pakhi that the family is waiting for her. Pakhi likes the cool birthday celebrations set up at home. She feels sorry to get late.

Vanraj asks Pakhi to show the birthday gift to them. Pakhi shows the costly new phone gifted by Vanraj. Vanraj is doing everything to get Pakhi on his side. Kinjal gets the cake. Anupama asks Pakhi to ask her friends and call them home. Pakhi doesn’t think her friends would come. She feels Kavya’s party was far better. Vanraj tells them that they have already celebrated the birthday party at the hotel, Pakhi’s friends left from there. He gives the credit to Kavya for pleasing Pakhi. Pakhi tells that her friends loved the party. Anupama’s efforts go waste.

The family scolds Pakhi for ruining Anupama’s efforts. Samar tells her that she should have come home on time. Paritosh wants Pakhi to understand that the entire family was waiting for her. Pakhi apologizes to them. Samar blames Vanraj. Pakhi cries on being scolded on her birthday. She refuses to cut the cake. Vanraj blames Anupama for making Pakhi cry on her birthday. He feels the family is wrong to hurt Pakhi. He thanks the family in a taunting way. He tells that he will take Pakhi with her, since she is more happy with him.

Hasmukh asks Vanraj will he break the house. He reprimands Vanraj for his wrong verdict. He asks Vanraj to leave. Anupama gets too upset by the sudden darkness in her house. She finds a chance to hide her tears from the family. Samar consoles Anupama. She tells that she had prepared for Pakhi’s birthday with much love. He tells her that Pakhi is wrong that she failed to see her love. She gives him a responsibility to make the family have dinner. Kavya calls her up to insult her. She tells that Pakhi was partying with her and didn’t value Anupama’s emotions.

She asks Anupama to not use the children to make Vanraj away. She threatens to make her children away. Anupama tells that she isn’t scared of losing her children to someone else. She gives a strong reply to Kavya, comparing the latter to a monkey’s show. Kavya asks Anupama how did she lose Vanraj after doing so much for him. She feels proud that she has won Vanraj. Anupama tells that Vanraj was helpless to go to Kavya, since Hasmukh had ousted him from the house. She doesn’t think Kavya can snatch her relations. She insults Kavya for picking Vanraj from the roads, when he was homeless. She doesn’t think Kavya should be proud of her love story. Kavya feels lost to Anupama. Pakhi apologizes to Anupama.

Anupama isn’t upset with her. She just wants Pakhi to be happy. She shows the pictures of the costly gifts to Anupama. Anupama asks Pakhi to remember Vanraj’s good deed, his efforts and love rather than the gifts. She doesn’t want Pakhi to become materialistic. She feels Vanraj shouldn’t buy everything with money, else the children will also value just the money. Anupama handles the expenses. Samar and Paritosh try to manage the responsibility. Anupama calls Vanraj for money after seeing the family in a helpless situation. Rakhi returns with a bang to insult Anupama once again. What should Anupama do now to protect her self-esteem? Comment below and Keep reading

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  1. Anupama has very good potential to overcome her financial status and she should not ask Vanraj any help.
    She should speak with her children and make them aware of the financial and take them into confidence…


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